Pan the Beribolt Returns in Pan: Chasing the Keeper

A few months ago, Eric wrote a lovely review of Pan: the Fearless Beribolt, an interactive storybook about a tribe of purple pandas -- the Beribolts -- living in the clouds. The bravest of those pandas are Pandora, who at the end of the book decides to leave her tribe to search for her missing parents.

Well, not to leave readers hanging, the developers have now released the second installment of Pan’s adventures. The new book is called Pan: Chasing the Keeper, and it picks up where the first one left off.

In Pan: Chasing the Keeper, juniors follow Pan on her next adventure in Karakorum Keep

Chasing the Keeper

Weeks away from her tribe’s village, Pan arrives at Karakorum Keep, home of the brave bunny warriors. She figures that they could help her find her parents, and meets with a particularly gruff bunny named Chase.

Chase takes Pan to his master, the Karakorum Keeper, who indeed met Pan’s parents many years ago. The Keeper invites Pan to stay as a guest before she continues her long journey.

Intrigued by the Keeper’s warrior skills, Pan wishes to train with them. Her playful and confident nature clashes with Chase’s serious manner, who tells her that acquiring the skills of a warrior bunny takes years of practice.

Can Pandora master the ways of the warrior bunnies in time? Will she and Chase become friends? Just what exactly is the Keeper keeping, and what connection does he have with the disappearance of Pan’s parents?

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Parents Need to Know

Pan: Chasing the Keeper features colorful illustrations that come alive with smooth animations when touched, swiped, and even tilted. There are plenty of interactive elements to discover on every page, and often the same object can be tapped multiple times to reveal new animations and/or dialogs.

Additionally, juniors can play with several mini activities that are weaved into the story. For example, while Pandora trains, juniors are asked to move her from tree to tree to collect falling leaves. In another page, they are asked to help the cook deliver the right dish to Pan and the warrior bunnies based on their meal preferences.

The 14-page long book includes narration in English and word highlighting. I would recommend the app for kids ages 4+.

Pan: Chasing the Keeper does not contain ads or in-app purchases. However, there is a rate button which directs to the App Store at the end of the story.

Like its predecessor, Pan: Chasing the Keeper is filled with fun interaction

Things I Like

After reading Eric’s review of Pan: The Fearless Beribolt, I had high hopes for Pan: Chasing the Keeper. I am happy to report that the app did not disappoint for the most part.

Like its predecessor, Pan: Chasing the Keeper features gorgeous, cinematic sceneries and lively animations that wouldn’t look out of place in an animated TV series. The characters are unique and memorable, and the bunnies in particular are adorable. The narration and voiceover work are excellent, and the original background score further enhances the ambience of the story.

I also enjoy playing with the mini activities. My favorite is the one where Pan sneaks into the gym to watch the warrior bunnies train. Here, you can tap on any of the bunnies to make them change poses -- from standing on their feet to standing on their heads.

Another entertaining activity is the one where Chase and Pan are sitting by the river, eating cookies. There are four types of cookies, and you can feed each one to either Pan or Chase to see them dress up as characters from famous books/movies: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and Titanic.

My only complaint with the app is that the Read by Myself mode was buggy. The text wouldn’t scroll on my iPad 3, thus I couldn’t read the story. Thankfully the Read to Me mode works flawlessly, but I still hope that this issue will be fixed in future updates. I also wouldn’t mind having the option to replay the narration on a page.

Partake in mini activities and watch Pan perform silly animations


Pan: Chasing the Keeper presents the second chapter of Pan the adorable purple panda’s journey. Like the previous title, the app has plenty of interactive scenes and mini activities to keep juniors engaged. I am particularly impressed by the quality of the narration and background music/sounds. There are some things that I would like to see improved, such as the ability to replay narration, but overall I am impressed by Pan: Chasing the Keeper, and look forward to Pan’s next adventures.

Pan: Chasing the Keeper is available for iPhone/iPad
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