My Geometric Universe Teaches Kids to Draw Geometric Shapes

Chocolapps is one of our favourite developers. Their apps are always special and original -- a case in point is my favourite app, Kid e-Cook, which lets juniors prepare meals by following detailed step-by-step instructions.

Today, I’d like to highlight their brand new app called My Geometric Universe. Two things that the app wants juniors to learn: how to draw 2D shapes and how to construct a 3D figure from its 2D net.

My Geometric Universe teaches kids to draw 2D shapes and use nets to build 3D figures

Drawing 2D Shapes

There are three universes that you can play in this app. The first one, called The Kid’s Room, has a feature that lets you learn how to draw 2D shapes using pencil, ruler, and compass. To access this feature, tap on the red pencil icon on the top left corner of the screen.

You start by learning how to use the ruler to measure the length of lines that you’re about to draw. Then, you put points at each end of the line. Before you draw each line, you may need to pinch and rotate the ruler to orient it according to the angle shown by the dotted path.

After learning how to draw a rectangle and a square, the app teaches you how to use the compass to draw a circle and an arc. First, you need to put the pin on the centre of the circle. Then, spread the pencil to set the radius before dragging it around to draw the shape.

The app provides ample instructions to help kids get started

Constructing 3D Figures

After you draw a 2D shape, the app unlocks a 3D figure icon on the bottom bar of the screen. Tapping on it will let you cut shapes by tracing the dots that form them. Then, the app will redirect you to a screen where you can drag the shapes into a net template. Upon completion, the app will show a video animating how the net can be folded into a 3D figure.

Each universe has several 3D figures that you can create. The first universe starts with simple figures as the corresponding 2D shapes are unlocked. The triangle unlocks a pyramid, the square unlocks a cube, and the circle unlocks a ball. Once the basic 3D figures are unlocked, more complex figures will be unlocked one at a time.

Each time a 3D figure is unlocked, one (or more) toy is unlocked as well. You can then drag both the 3D figure and the toy into the universe. For example, in the first universe, you can drag cube, ball, dolls, and other toys, to fill in the kid’s room.

Cut out shapes and compose nets to create 3D figures

Parents Need to Know

To switch between universes, tap on the circle icon on the bottom right part of the screen. The Ancient Egypt and Middle Ages universes do not have the 2D shape drawing feature available in the first universe. Instead, you get to construct more complex 3D figures, such as pyramid, house, and boat. These universes also split rectangles and squares into triangles, so you work with twice more elements when constructing a 3D figure.

My Geometric Universe also lets you learn about the definition of each shape. For example, you can learn that a circular arc is a segment of a circle included between two points, whereas an equilateral triangle is a three-sided shape with three equal sides.

Collect shapes and toys to put into colorful universes

Things I Like

My Geometric Universe shows a great way of drawing isosceles and equilateral triangles using the compass. It reminded me how I was taught this approach when I was young. I’ve never seen an app that teaches how to draw triangles this way.

I also like the 3D flyover view. On the right side of the screen, there’s a red 3D button. Tapping on it will render the universe in 3D. Obviously, unlocking and putting more objects in the universe would make the 3D view more beautiful.

Many geometric shapes are covered, including isosceles and equilateral triangles


My Geometric Universe offers a great way to learn how to draw basic 2D shapes, such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles using tools like pencil, ruler, and compass. Sixth graders can also use this app to learn how to build 3D figures using their corresponding 2D nets. I’ve never seen an app that does what My Geometric Universe does.

My Geometric Universe is available for iPhone/iPad
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