Kids Learn to Count to 12 with The Lonely Beast 123

One of our favorite flash cards alphabet apps for juniors ages 1–3 is The Lonely Beast ABC. We liked the app because it is both intuitive and fun, plus it also contains a great sense of humor.

Recently, the developers released a brand new app called The Lonely Beast 123, featuring the same Beast from the original app. As the name suggests, the new app focuses on counting and recognizing numbers.

The Lonely Beast 123 is a silly flashcard app that teaches kids to count from 1–12

A Day in the Life of the Lonely Beast

Like its predecessor, The Lonely Beast 123 uses flash cards. Twelve cards are included, each representing numbers from 1 to 12. Simply swipe left or right to move between cards/numbers.

Interestingly, the cards all depict activities in the Beast’s daily life. This includes his morning routines: waking up, bathing, dressing up, and having his breakfast. The cards also show how the Beast passes time by reading books, gardening, singing with the birds, and many more. Finally, the last couple of pages show how the Beast ends his days by counting the stars above his rooftop before finally counting the sheep in his bedroom.

The pages are designed for interactivity where some objects may trigger fun interactions when tapped. For example, tapping on the blossoming flowers after watering them will cause the flowers to swirl and create fun sounds. The eleventh page shows another example where each star that you tap while stargazing will turn into fireworks.

As objects are counted, the number also goes up

Parents Need to Know

The Lonely Beast 123 is perfect for juniors ages 1–3 who are learning to recognize numbers and perform some basic counting. The app counts along as you tap on the objects on a page, and updates the number accordingly. You can stop counting any time, and tap on the number to have it read.

You can also use the app to teach juniors about other things that are not directly related to numbers and counting. In the fourth page, as the Beast is cooking some eggs for his breakfast, tapping on the fire will cause him to shout. You can use this animation to show juniors how they are not supposed to play with fire on the stove, as it can hurt them.

Another example is on the eighth page, which shows how various people around the world would say their greetings. Each time you fix a photo of the Beast that is hanging in the living room, it will change into a traditional outfit from a different country, and greet you in a foreign language.

The pages are full of interactivity to keep juniors engaged

Things I Like

I really think that the developers put a lot of attention into the details of the app. I like how the cards portray the Beast’s daily routines in details, from the moment he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night.

My favorite page would be the one where the Beast is reading a stack of five books. Each book tells a different story, and you can see it by tapping on the thought bubble hovering over the Beast’s head. Even the sound effects and background music are adjusted to fit the selected book’s theme.

I also enjoy the good humor ingrained throughout the app. A good example of this is the seventh page where the Beast is enjoying his day by standing under a big tree with seven birds, whistling and singing. When you count the birds, one of them will poop on the Beast’s head, causing him to feel annoyed.

Tap on each frame to hear the Beast greet you in different languages


The Lonely Beast 123 is a fun flash cards app for juniors ages 1–3 who are learning about numbers and basic counting. The way it depicts the Beast’s daily routines makes it relatable for younger juniors. It’s also quite silly, and will make your juniors snicker.

P.S. If you like The Lonely Beast 123, you should definitely check out their ABC app.

The Lonely Beast 123 is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.