Strangebeard - The Pirate Princess

My family love pirate stories, from Captain Hook to Pirates of the Caribbean. With a cable subscription at home, my sons also get to watch pirate-themed shows like Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior channel. And today, we are rejoicing because one of our favorite developers, StoryToys, is releasing Strangebeard - The Pirate Princess, an original storybook about a female pirate named Strangebeard.

Follow Princess Isabel a.k.a Strangebeard on her adventure

The Storyline

The story revolves around the Grand Pirate Party, where pirates from around the world come to Scallywag Inn to show off their treasures. Captain Peg, the meanest of them all, is still on a mission to find the hidden treasures based on a map in his hands. Unfortunately, he falls into the hands of the authorities and has to stay in jail for being a pirate.

On the other end, Princess Isabel who lives in a palace, also wants to attend the Grand Pirate Party. She wants it so bad that she dresses up as a pirate, and climbs down the walls outside her room. Accompanied by her trusted friend, Jack the Parrot, Isabel finally reaches the party and starts to dance.

Unfortunately, when the guards try to stop the party and arrest the pirates, Isabel gets caught along. The guards refuse to believe that Isabel is not a pirate. Instead, she is thrown into the same dungeon where Captain Peg is held captive.

Captain Peg is curious why Isabel is arrested, because she’s a bit short for a pirate. Isabel invents a new name for herself, Strangebeard, to stop Captain Peg from asking further questions. The name fits her beardless face, because it’s quite strange for a pirate to not have a beard.

Just before Isabel is thrown into the dungeon, Captain Peg finds an escape route. Isabel decides to follow his footsteps and boards onto Scurvy Dog, Captain Peg’s ship.

Unfortunately, Scurvy Dog has been attacked by the monkeys from Monkey Island, so Captain Peg and Isabel have to work together to force the monkeys to leave the ship, and free the crews. But during their battle, Captain Peg’s treasure map is torn into pieces by the monkeys.

Isabel offers her help in restoring the map. Afraid that she would snag the treasure away from him, Captain Peg throws her and Jack off the ship immediately after she finishes restoring the treasure map.

What’s going to happen to Isabel and Jack? Will they survive the mean treatment from Captain Peg? Will Captain Peg be able to find the treasures on his own?

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Parents Need to Know

Staying true to its strength, StoryToys is releasing Strangebeard as a 3D popup storybook app. It has all the great things that you would expect from StoryToys’ 3D popup storybook apps, including three reading modes, support for four languages, and a lot of mini games.

The games include jigsaw puzzles for the treasure map, dragging Captain Peg and his ship to maneuver out of danger at sea, and slicing away the fruits (similar to Fruit Ninja’s gameplay) that are thrown by the monkeys. Each game also has its own achievements that you can unlock. If you want to know what the achievements are, go to the main menu, and tap on the star icon right next to the 3D popup book.

Even though the games are relatively easy to play by juniors ages 3+, the amount of text on each page makes it suitable for much older juniors to read on his own. But if you will be accompanying them as you read the story, younger juniors can also enjoy the storyline.

Play mini games on the side

Things I Like

I always enjoy reading/watching new and original stories, because you never know where the story will take you. Strangebeard features a fresh protagonist role in a princess who turns into a pirate. I really enjoy reading about the new characters introduced in this story, and I hope this is not going to be the last time we see of Isabel the Strangebeard.

As always, the mini games in StoryToys’ book apps are designed to fit the storyline. I was a bit surprised to see how the fight against the monkeys in Scurvy Dog is implemented as a game similar to Fruit Ninja. It was a nice and fun surprise. Another game that I like is the dancing game, where players are asked to tap up to four buttons, each representing Isabel’s left/right hand/foot, to learn the pirate dance.

WIll they find Captain Peg’s treasure?


Strangebeard - The Pirate Princess is a fun and original storybook for juniors ages 3+ about a high-spirited princess named Isabel who turns into a pirate. The 3D popup book style and mini games make the reading experience an immersive one. If your juniors love pirate stories, they should not miss this one.

Strangebeard - The Pirate Princess is available for iPhone/iPad
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