Peekaboo Universe Brings Beautiful Hide-and-Seek Games

When I was a kid, I loved playing hide-and-seek with my cousins and friends. I used to hide behind doors, wardrobe cabinets, and even on the rooftops. When I played hide-and-seek, I enjoyed it more when we played on the outdoors.

With the recent rapid urban development in my city, it gets harder for my sons to play hide-and-seek in a safe environment. Instead, my two-year-old Noah has been playing Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters for some time now. It’s a nice little game where players are asked to seek the hiding aliens in a beautifully illustrated environment.

Earlier this month, the developers released a sequel to the game, called Peekaboo Universe. The new game features 10 new beautifully-illustrated worlds.

Find the cute aliens hidden in Peekaboo Universe

Peekaboo Universe

When you start the game, you will see a unique menu of 10 planets moving around the sun. You can swipe left/right to switch from one planet to the next. The 10 planets are called Fairy, Candy, Techno, Mushrooms, Skeletons, Underwater, Fluffy, Circus, Island, and Moon. Each planet features a unique illustration and a set of objects that fit the planet’s environment. For example, on the Skeletons planet, you get to see many of your favourite Halloween characters.

On each planet, you’re asked to find seven aliens who are hiding behind the various objects on that planet. Each time you find an alien, you will hear it shout a bit. But if you tap on an incorrect object, the game will show a hint bar on top of the screen.

The hint bar contains up to seven icons, each representing the aliens that have not yet been found. You can tap each icon to have the game show you a hint of where the alien is hiding. There is no time limit, so you can take all the time you need to find all the aliens, with or without the hints.

Play on various planets with unique themes

Parents Need to Know

Hide-and-seek games are quite different from hidden objects games. Instead of trying to camouflage the complete shape of each object in the environment, Peekaboo Universe really tries to hide the aliens behind the objects in the environment, such that you only see parts of their bodies.

The gameplay is suitable for juniors ages 2+ who needs to develop their observation skills. But because the game has neither instructional text nor any tutorial, it might be best for you to show your younger juniors how the game should be played, at least once.

In a real hide-and-seek game, there’s a possibility that you will play as the one who’s hiding. Even though you will only be playing as the seeker in this game, you get to feel what it’s like to play with these aliens in real life. Considering that the aliens have similar color palette as the world they’re hiding in, finding all of them without using any hints is quite challenging.

Sharpen your observation skills in the app

Things I Like

All the 10 worlds and the objects in them are beautifully illustrated. The colorful nature of the illustrations makes the app very interesting for juniors. You can even use the app to trigger discussions about planets other than our earth, with your juniors.

There are at least four things that you can discuss: the sun, moon, island, and underwater world. You can discuss how the planets are moving around the sun or what the moon’s surface really looks like. You can ask them to observe the objects on an island or under the sea. There’s really a lot that you can do with your juniors in addition to having fun with the hide-and-seek games themselves.

Beautiful illustrations make the game engaging and challenging


Peekaboo Universe is a nice little hide-and-seek game for juniors ages 2+. The way the aliens hide behind the objects in the beautifully-illustrated worlds makes this game quite challenging, even for older juniors. If you’re looking for a nice game to let your juniors develop their observation skills, you should let them try Peekaboo Universe and its prequel, Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters.

Peekaboo Universe is available for iPad
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