Sponsored Preview: BakingFun for Kids

BakingFun for Kids shows kids how bread is made

Have your juniors ever wondered how they got their meals on the table? Have they ever asked you how a loaf of bread is made?

Enter BakingFun for Kids, a brand new app from Kujifun, which highlights how bread is made. It showcases the entire process, beginning with the planting of seeds, followed by harvesting, milling, mixing a dough, and then baking.

It is a truly unique app, providing all this information in a fun and interactive way. We’ve been playing with our review copy for a while, and so far we like what see. A full review is coming this Friday, but until then, check out the following trailer video to get a glimpse of what BakingFun has to offer.

Watch trailer video for BakingFun for Kids on YouTube