3 Fun Apps for Toddlers You May Have Missed

You’ve probably noticed that here at Geeks With Juniors, we like to write in-depth app reviews. We believe that complete reviews like these will help provide parents with all the information they need to find the best apps for their kids. Honestly, we’d write as often if we could, but between day jobs and personal responsibilities, there is little time left to produce more than one post a day.

With only a few slots a week, we try our best to select the best, most up-to-date, and most relevant for our readers. This means that sometimes an app can sit for a long time in our queue before it gets reviewed.

So today, we want to try switching it up a bit. Instead of reviewing just one app, today we’re going to feature three apps that we think deserve just as much love, but for one reason or another we haven’t written about them yet. We’re going to do shorter, more compact reviews for each one, but we’ll make sure to highlight their features and benefits for juniors — just like we do in our usual reviews.

Robo Buddies improves children’s hand-eye coordination

DuckieDeck Robo Buddies

We kick off this post with an app from Duckie Deck, who we’ve featured on the blog previously for their apps Sharing with Duckie Deck and DuckieDeck Collection. This new app is called DuckieDeck Robo Buddies, and it is designed to help preschoolers improve their hand-eye coordination.

The way the game goes is like this: first, kids are asked to smudge a blank canvas on screen to reveal a picture. Then, they choose which one of the three items on the right side of the screen appear in the picture. If the child gets it right, he will earn a robot part, which he uses to build a buddy for the game’s lonely mascot, Bolt.

It’s a simple gameplay, but quite suitable for its targeted age range. The artwork is also cute and colorful. Like other DuckieDeck apps, Robo Buddies requires no reading skills. Instead, the app uses a short animation to point out what needs to be done. There is also plenty of cheering when kids get an answer right, or when they complete making Bolt’s companion. On the other hand, the app provides a cute, non-punishing sound effect if kids get the wrong answer.

For the child’s safety, the app does not contain ads and in-app purchases. It does, however, contain a good dose of cuteness. Best suited for juniors between 2-4 years old.

DuckieDeck Robo Buddies is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

Leo’s Letters is a spin-off app from the makers of Leo’s Pad

Leo’s Letters

We wrote great things about Leo’s Pad this year, with it being the first interactive, animated series made specifically for the iPad. Since then, the series have put out another episode and a couple of spin-off apps, one of which is Leo’s Letters.

Based on the mini game found in the first appisode, Leo’s Letters invites kids to scourge the starry skies for letters. These letters could be in any angle, so it’s a test to see how well kids recognize their letters. Once the letters are found, they are used to spell short words (3-5 letters).

Simple and stress-free, Leo’s Letters is a nice little learning game suitable for juniors between 3-6 years old. It does not contain apps and in-app purchases. It’s also available for free, so it wouldn’t hurt to get it.

Leo’s Letters is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

The Bingo Song is a karaoke app featuring the classic nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The Bingo Song HD

B-I-N-G-O! It seems that every junior knows the classic nursery rhyme. If yours also happens to be a fan, then he might like The Bingo Song HD, an interactive musical/karaoke app from Kids Academy.

As you might have guessed, the app features the song Old MacDonald Had a Farm set to animated scenes, which juniors can tap to reveal small surprises. The app also allows juniors to record their own singing.

In addition to singing, kids can also learn about farm animals through illustrated cards. There is also a mini game which quizzes kids on farm animals, like what name would you call a baby cow.

If you have young juniors between the ages of 2-4, then this app should be a nice treat for them. It’s unfortunate that the app only includes one song (hence the name The Bingo Song), but it is quite fun to play with.

The Bingo Song HD is available for iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPad


Well folks, that is it for today. Hopefully, this post will expose you to great apps that you may have missed. If you think that it is helpful or if there are any apps that you think we should know, mention us in a tweet or leave a message on our Facebook page.