Goodnight Mo Sends Kids to Bed with a Short Bedtime Story

Earlier this year, Camila reviewed a colorful and fun app for teaching younger juniors to count, entitled Farm 123. Developed by StoryToys, who are famous for their 3D pop-up storybook apps, Farm 123 is the first app in their StoryToys Jr. line of apps.

Today, I want to highlight their brand new app, the second in StoryToys Jr., entitled Goodnight Mo. It’s a 3D pop-up storybook that’s perfect for younger juniors ages 1-3.

Goodnight Mo is a soothing 3D popup storybook that makes a lovely bedtime companion

Goodnight Mo

The story starts as nighttime falls. Little Mo and his orange teddy are peeking through the window, saying goodnight to everyone, including baby bird, flowers, and the moon. Everyone is yawning, and Little Mo is ready to go to bed.

He starts off his nightly routine by saying goodnight to everyone, and turning off the lights around the house. Then, he enters the tub for a quick warm bath, goes to the toilet, and brushes his teeth. He’d say goodnight to everyone he finds along the way, including the rubber duck is his tub, a snail that passes along the toilet, and the spider who shows up as he brushes his teeth.

Once he’s ready, he tucks himself in bed. He reads a bedtime story, and say goodnight to Mr. Mouse and his puss. After hearing a soothing lullaby from his colorful magic ball, Little Mo finally falls into a deep sleep.

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Parents Need to Know

As you can expect from a StoryToys app, Goodnight Mo has plenty of interactivity. All of the major objects are interactive — many would yawn when you tap on them.

As a part of the StoryToys Jr. line of app, Good Night Mo is designed to be simple. It does not have any mini game that you’d typically find in regular StoryToys apps. However, it includes two reading options: Read to Me and Read Myself.

Goodnight Mo comes in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. The narration for each language is professionally done, and the soothing voices are perfect for a storybook that is designed specifically as a bedtime companion.

The app does not contain in-app purchases. You can also turn off all external links from the Parent Center.

Follow Little Mo as he prepares for bedtime

Things I Like

The text narrative in the app is simple and suitable for young juniors. It is relatively short, and it will be hidden once the narrator finishes his reading. However, you can tap on the speech bubble on each page to bring back the text. Combined with beautiful illustrations and soothing background music, this attention to details really make the reading experience enjoyable and comforting.

Throughout the story, you will see many objects that your juniors can find around the house. This makes it easy for them to relate the story to their own nightly routines. And since yawning is contagious, seeing how everyone in the story yawns and falls asleep would really help your juniors fall asleep shortly after reading this story.

Gorgeous 3D popup-style animation and soothing narrators make this app perfect for little ones


Goodnight Mo is a soothing storybook to accompany your younger juniors as they get ready for sleep. The app shows a few nightly routines, such as taking a warm bath, going to the toilet, and brushing your teeth, which are relatable to many juniors. Its short and simple storyline, accompanied by a soothing background music and narrator’s voice, make Goodnight Mo an excellent bedtime storybook for juniors ages three and under.

Goodnight Mo is available for iPhone/iPad
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