Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic Challenges with 2nd Grade Math Games

Have your juniors ever felt like math is an alien subject to them? Do they still struggle with basic math operations like addition, subtraction, division or multiplication? Then you might be interested in Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic, a new, exciting math app from Fingerprint.

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is a fast-paced multiplayer math game for kids

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic

Touted as the “zaniest, most off-the-walls math learning game”, Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic lets two players battle it out in a test of math fluency and fastest fingers. The games take place on a single iPad, and last seven rounds. Whoever wins the most rounds will be crowned Cosmic Reactor Champion.

To start, players take their place at either sides of the iPad, and pick between six fun characters as their avatars. They also get to customize the match’s difficulty level: first, they pick the operations to include in the games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or all of said operations); then, they pick the number range to use in the operations (1–10, 1–20, or 1–50).

Once both players are ready, the match will start. Each match always includes all seven games, only the order is random. The games are:

  • Red Rock Rumble: A game that tests the reflexes. A math equation is shown on the left side of the screen, and a list of possible answers are rotate on the right side. The player who taps the fire button first when the numbers match, wins.
  • Electric Moon: Players compete to find the alien that carries an equation which results in a specific number, and drag it to their side of the iPad. The player who can fill up his gauge the fastest, wins.
  • Hip World: A pairs game to match equations with their resulting numbers. Each player gets their own sets, and whoever completes two rounds first, wins.
  • Dark Planet: Players try to find a math equation that yields a number. Unlike Electric Moon, here players work separately. Whoever fills his gauge the fastest, wins.
  • Snowy Sorts: Players compete to sort four numbers from lowest to highest as fast as they can. The players who completes the most rounds in 60 seconds, wins.
  • Green Goop: Similar to Electric Moon and Dark Planet, in this game players try to solve equations by dragging the correct answer to their respective sides of the screen. Whoever fills his gauge the fastest, wins.
  • Final Battle: Mostly for fun, the Final Battle sees players battling to collect as many asteroids as they can. Different types of asteroids give out different points, so players can strategize which ones they have to collect. They should also be wary of dark asteroids that give out minus points.

To show players how to play, there is a short, instructional animation at the beginning of a game. The app also provides visual hints if players seem to have difficulties arriving at an answer.

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Parents Need to Know

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is part of Fingerprint, a network of educational apps for kids. As stated on their website, the platform ensures that parents has total visibility into their juniors’s progress. It also curates apps and contents for kids.

While the platform itself is not the focus of this review, I do want to mention that it allows parents to register accounts to track their juniors’ progress, send messages to these accounts, add other Fingerprint users as friends, find other Fingerprint apps, and more from inside the app. However, all of these actions are gated -- the user must punch in a certain number sequence in order to continue.

Based on its contents and fast-paced gameplay, Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is suitable for juniors ages 6+. Before letting your juniors play, I would suggest turning off multitasking gestures from your iPad’s Settings. This is because the game makes it possible to have multiple fingers moving across the screen at the same time, thus running the risk of accidentally triggering gestures for switching apps or closing them.

Seven mini games are present in the app, and the player with most wins take home the title of Cosmic Reactor Champion

Things I Like

I am always a fan of game-based learning, so I have to say that Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic won me over quickly. The fact that you can play against a friend in the app is wonderful -- after all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of competition?

I like variety of games included, and feel that they are challenging enough for the app’s targeted audience. The fact that players can customize the difficulty levels is also a plus. The interface is also fairly straightforward, which I appreciate.

In terms of presentation, I think the app looks polished. The graphics and animations are appealing, and the space-themed sound effects complement the gameplay nicely. One thing that I do feel could be improved is the responsiveness of the app, as occasionally I felt a slight delay when my opponent and I were moving our fingers across the screen at the same time.

Players can customize difficulty levels to include specific math operations and number range


Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is an exciting, multiplayer game that allows juniors to improve their math skills through fast-paced, competitive challenges. I like that the game has customizable difficulty levels to accommodate juniors at different learning levels. This is an especially great app if you have more than one child in the house.

Cosmic Reactor Arithmetic is available for iPad
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