Kids Learn About Sports in Swapsies Sports

Two and a half year ago, Spinlight Studios released a mix and match puzzle game called Swapsies Occupations, which lets juniors combine different hats, shirts, and shoes to reflect particular occupations, such as a baker, a doctor, or a police officer. When they find a correct combination, they can play a mini game that reflects that occupation; for example, as a doctor, they can use the X-Ray scanner to find where the teddy bear’s wounds are located before they can put on bandages.

Well, today the developers released Swapsies Sports, a sequel app that focuses on sports instead of occupations. It has the same game mechanics, but its theme make it a completely different app worth purchasing.

Swapsies Sports teaches kids about 10 sports through costume mix-n-match

10 Popular Sports with Wearables and Equipments

Swapsies Sports has two game modes: Mix Up and Quiz Me. In Mix Up mode, players match different head gears, sports wears, and shoes to create costumes for various sports. The app includes 10 popular sports, including American football, soccer, cycling, and skateboarding.

While one occupation may easily be distinguished through its equipments, differentiating one sport from another is a bit difficult. Some costumes have obvious giveaways — such as gloves for hockey players, elbow pads for skateboarders, or boxing gloves for boxers — but others are less obvious. Players maybe required to pay attention to small hints, such as a number printed on a jersey, or the color and pattern of a shirt.

When players find a perfect match, the main component of the sports (e.g. tennis ball for tennis, hockey puck for hockey, and so on) will show up as a tappable icon for continuing to the mini game unique to that sport. Some games let players play attacking positions, such as passing through defenders in football for a touchdown run, or shooting some hoops in a basketball court. Others may ask players to play defensively, for example being a goalkeeper in a penalty kick, or being a catcher in a baseball game. Other sports, such as skateboarding, may ask players to do a flip trick with a skateboard.

In Quiz Me mode, the game will prompt multiple-choice questions for players to answer. In the bonus round, players can play in an object-finding game with sports-related objectives. To give you an idea, here are some of the questions that will be asked in Quiz Me mode:

What does a basketball player dribble?
What does a baseball player hit?
What does a skateboarder ride?

And here are some questions that will be asked in the bonus round:

Can you find the golf course?
Can you find five things with the color orange?
Can you find three things a skateboarder would use?

Quiz Me mode quizzes juniors various sports

Parents Need to Know

Swapsies Sports has a spin-to-play mode, which lets players spin a wheel of 10 options to choose a random mini game. It is a nice way to replay the app without having to find the perfect outfit match for a particular sport. It also makes it easier for younger juniors to enjoy the app.

Both Swapsies games allow players to choose between six available characters. Both boys and girls are available as options. This is a perfect feature if you have both boys and girls in the family.

Learn about various sports equipments in the bonus round

Things I Like

Swapsies Sports is a great way for my sons to learn about different kinds of sports. Among the 10 sports included in this app, my four-year-old Philip is only familiar with basketball and soccer. The app exposes Philip to other sports such as hockey, cycling, and skateboarding. Now, it’s my turn to expand his horizon and learn about other sports.

I like how the app includes different costumes and mini games for each sport. These costumes allow us to appreciate each sport, and the mini games are great for introducing the basic rules of that sport. You can even find out about the playing fields and equipments used for different sports in the bonus games of Quiz Me mode.

Spin the wheel to choose a random mini game


Swapsies Sports is a fun mix and match puzzle game that allows juniors ages 2-4 to learn about 10 popular sports. The app uses fun puzzles and quizzes to entice juniors to guess, match, learn, and play the sports. If you already have Swapsies Occupations, you are going to enjoy the new Sports app. If you don’t, I suggest checking both of them out.

Swapsies Sports is available for iPhone/iPad
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