My Sock Monster Reminds Kids to Keep Their Socks Clean

About six months ago, one reader contacted us via email. She is a children's photographer, a picture book illustrator, and a mom. Her name is Lorna Freytag. At that time, she was preparing a storybook app titled My Sock Monster. She attached several images of what the app would look like, and shared a link to her Tumblr blog, which contained a photograph of what her desk looked like as she prepared for the app. I was intrigued to know what the finished app would look like, and last week I finally got a chance to try it out.

My Sock Monster is a short story about a cute monster that goes around eating clean socks

A Monster Who Loves to Eat Socks

When I was a kid, my socks were a bit unorganized; I had many socks that lost their pairs. I always wondered where those socks went. Obviously, I didn’t know Sock Monster existed at that time.

My Sock Monster starts by introducing the Sock Monster, who loves eating all kinds of clean socks, regardless of their colors or sizes. He would go from drawers to washing lines, and even stalk washing machines to grab freshly washed pairs of socks. But he doesn’t like dirty socks — they make his tummy hurt.

After a short time, the house, which the Sock Monster roams, runs out of socks. The Sock Monster is sad and very hungry. If he can’t find more socks, he would fade away forever. Can we find more socks for him? Where will we find more socks? Who will give away their socks for him?

The Sock Monster raids drawers to find clean socks

Parents Need to Know

My Sock Monster is a relatively short story, but even with 10 pages, the app is able to deliver a lovely message. It is fitting for its intended audience: juniors ages 2–5.

The story is relatable, especially to juniors who have many pairs of colorful socks at home. It increases their awareness of the things they own, and how to take better care of them. Parents can use many of the illustrations in the book to start discussions with their juniors on how to better organize their socks. Juniors can also learn the importance of keeping their socks clean.

If you enjoy reading this quirky story, Lorna and her team are preparing a printed picture book. I currently have no information on the release date nor the quality of the book, but I am sure it’s going to be a great gift for many juniors. To learn more, you can go to their website and register your interest.

The Sock Monster likes gobbling up fresh socks from the washing machine

Things I Like

I really like Lorna’s illustrations; to be frank, it was what drew me to review the app in the first place. She pays great attention to details. For example, the Sock Monster’s fur always reflects the patterns/colors he eats.

I like that the app includes options to Read to Me and Read Myself. If you choose Read to Me, you will hear a young girl’s voice narrating the story. The sound effects are cute; for example, you will hear a popping sock whenever the Sock Monster appears and a slurping sound when he eats a sock. When you tap on dirty socks, you will hear different fart sounds from the monster’s tummy.

Dirty socks make the Sock Monster’s tummy hurt


My Sock Monster is a lovely story about a Sock Monster who loves to eat clean socks around the house. The story increases young juniors’ awareness of their socks, and reminds them to keep their socks clean and tidy. It’s a short, simple, beautifully-illustrated story that I’d recommend for juniors ages 2–5.

My Sock Monster is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.