Sponsored Review: Learn How Bread is Made in BakingFun for Kids

Baking with kids can be pretty messy, but at the same it can also be a rewarding experience. If you haven’t tried it out yet, maybe this app from Kujifun will inspire your juniors to put on their aprons.

Aptly titled BakingFun for Kids, this brand new app shows little ones what it takes to make a loaf of bread. It doesn’t just show the baking process, but it goes as far back as the planting of seeds to grow wheat.

BakingFun for Kids shows kids how bread is made

BakingFun for Kids

Upon opening the app, kids are shown four illustrations that mark the different stages in producing bread: planting the seeds, harvesting, milling, and baking. Each stage requires kids to perform short tasks by tapping or moving objects on screen.

One thing that I find interesting is that the app does not require players to start from a specific step. So while it is logical to start from planting, kids can skip this step and go directly to say, baking instead.

In the planting seeds stage, kids get to sow a layer of seeds by tapping on any spot on the ground. Once they have planted enough seeds, a rain cloud will appear. Drag the cloud across the screen to watch the seeds grow into mature wheat.

Next, it is time to harvest the crop. Using the little scrollbar at the bottom of the screen, kids control a threshing machine to collect grains. Once the machine is fully loaded, tap on the truck icon to unload the grains onto a truck.

The fully loaded truck is then sent to a mill, where the collected grains are turned into flour. Here, kids rotate the windmill to grind the grains. They then load the sacks of flour onto a truck which delivers the goods to a bakery.

At the bakery, kids learn to create a dough by mixing flour with other ingredients like water and butter, and stirring the mixture using their fingers. The resulting dough is then placed onto a tray, and formed into various shapes to make three different kinds of bread. Finally, the tray is dragged into an oven, where the dough bakes for about ten seconds.

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Parents Need to Know

BakingFun for Kids is a rule-free game that is suitable for kids ages 2-5. The app does not contain verbal or written instructions, thus no reading skills are necessary to play. Despite this, the tasks given in the app are simple and intuitive, so I believe kids should be able to complete them with minimal help.

The app does not contain in-app purchases and ads. External links to the developer’s other apps are present, but they are placed inside a protected section of the app. Parents must perform specific gestures, such as swiping to the left with two fingers, to access this section.

Grow seeds, harvest crop, mill flour, and then mix a dough to bake the perfect bread

Things I Like

One of the things I like most about an app is when it expands a child’s horizon with interesting new topics. BakingFun for Kids is a perfect example of this. The app takes an everyday object, bread, and invites kids to learn how it is made. I think this is an excellent way to rouse their curiosity about the world around them.

The app is well-made: it has lovely graphics and animations, as well as low-key background music that many parents will appreciate. It is simple and intuitive, which is always a plus in my book. I like how the app leaves it to the players to decide whether they want to play the activities continuously or separately.

My favorite activity in the app is the baking process. I like how the app allows players to make different types of bread in a single tray. I also find it clever that players have to wait 10 seconds for their bread to bake — it’s a nice, non-pushy way to teach juniors to be patient.

My only complaint with the app is that after a while, the activities feel repetitive. I would prefer that players be given more freedom to be creative, for example the app could let players throw in additional ingredients into the dough or form the dough into any shape they want. It would also be nice if players could say, decorate their bread with chocolate, sprinkles, etc.

Place the dough onto the tray and bake for ten seconds


Overall, BakingFun for Kids is a fun little app that lets kids learn how to make bread, but without messing up your kitchen. The playful activities are simple enough for preschoolers, and the beautiful graphics make the app a joy to play with. If you have been looking for a good cooking/baking app game for your kids, I would recommend BakingFun for Kids.

BakingFun for Kids is available for iPhone/iPad
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