Imagination Box Fuels Kids’ Creativity with Fun and Easy Crafts

Over six months ago, Camila reviewed a creative app that allowed your juniors to create cute puppets from socks and buttons, called Puppet Workshop. Well the app’s developers have been busy, and only recently released a brand new creativity app: Imagination Box. This time, it’s all about letting kids’ imagination roam free by creating art using digital play dough.

Imagination Box allows kids to play and make art with virtual play doughs

Imagination Box

When you start the app, you will see four colorful canvases that you can tap to start creating your play dough art. The app can store up to 12 canvases, each displaying your latest creation. To access the other canvases, tap on the left/right navigation buttons on the sides of the screen.

Once you select a canvas, it will load your latest creation. You can either build on top of it, or tap the trash icon from the top left pulldown menu to clear the canvas and start from scratch.

On the right hand side, you will see a collapsible palette of play dough that you can switch with a set of background colors and a set of colors and sizes for your drawing pen. The play dough palette consists of many popular shapes, such as circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, and diamond. It also consists of numbers and uppercase letters that you can mix to create your own unique art form.

To place a play dough from the palette, pick a color and drag the shape to the canvas. You can also rotate, resize, flip, or delete the dough that is already on the canvas. However, you can’t modify its color.

One nice thing about the app is that it automatically saves your latest creation. So, you can leave any time and come back to finish your work later.

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Parents Need to Know

Because Imagination Box provides many shapes, colors, and sizes to play with, the possibility of creating art is almost limitless. You can use a different background color, and even pick a photo from your Camera Roll or Photo Stream, to make your creation stand out. You can also doodle freely using the colored pen.

The app is a great place for your juniors to experiment without you having to worry about the mess that real-life play dough would create. As an added bonus, you can also save your juniors’ creations to Camera Roll using the Camera icon.

Mix and match shapes and colors to create various objects

Things I Like

In addition to being a creative building tool for kids, Imagination Box is surprisingly a great photo annotation tool that kids can easily understand. Simply select a photo from the Camera Roll or Photo Stream, and you can immediately place colorful play doughs and scribble on top of it.

Another thing that I can enjoy — even when I’m not playing with the app — is its soothing background music. During the past week, my juniors played the app while I was working on my laptop, so the only thing I could hear was the app’s background music. Instead of being annoyed by an endlessly repeating music, I actually enjoyed working with it playing in the background.

Use your own photos to make your creation stand out


Imagination Box is an easy-to-use creativity app that allows juniors ages three and up to make things with colorful play doughs. It is intuitive, simple, and best of all, mess-free. It also offers a wide array of shapes, letters, numbers, and colors to play with, so kids are only limited by their own imagination.

Imagination Box is available for iPad
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