Wee Subs

When it comes to selecting apps for juniors, I believe that entertainment is just as important of a factor as educational quality. While it is good for juniors to learn, they also deserve to take a break sometimes and just have a good time playing.

Today, I am going to review a nice app for juniors that emphasizes on creative and fun play. Called Wee Subs, this digital toy allows them to build miniature submarines and launch them into the deep blue.

Waves of fun.Wee Subs is a fun digital toy that lets juniors build their own submarines and launch it into the ocean.

Let's Dive In!

Wee Subs starts by providing juniors with a selection of colorful submarine parts that they can drag and drop on top of a blueprint. There are 32 random pieces which can be used to create a matching sub or mixed to create something new altogether. The app doesn't direct juniors to follow a specific design. Rather, it allows them to create to their heart's content.

Starting with the body, juniors then move on to choose a propeller, a periscope and a porthole to complete the sub. Then, they select a diver, human or animal, to ride on board.

Next, it is time to send the submarine off for an underwater adventure. Using their fingers, juniors navigate their submersible craft to collect fishes and precious gems. They are also advised to avoid naval mines and waste barrels although the sub will not be harmed even if it accidentally runs into them.

After crossing the finish line, the journey ends and the app presents a summary screen showing all the fish and gems that have been collected. The whole process is then repeated and you can create a new submarine from scratch.

Selections.Choose from 32 submarine parts to create a matching submarine or an interesting mix-n-match.

Parents Need to Know

Wee Subs is an app that encourages juniors to be creative and have fun by building their own miniature submarines. The app doesn't try to teach specific cognitive skills, but it is potentially good for practicing eye-hand coordination. Due to the simple and repetitive gameplay, I would suggest the app for younger juniors.

As a digital toy, the app has no rules. Juniors are free to design the submarine anyway they wish and even run into mines if they want to. There is no win or lose situation, but juniors do receive positive encouragement after completing a dive.

Collect.Using your fingers, help the submarine navigate treacherous waters to collect fishes and treasures.

Things I Like

I have to admit that despite my ramblings at the beginning about having a balanced collection of educational and entertainment apps, we don't review many of the latter on our blog. After tinkering with Wee Subs for a while, I realize now that we need to change that.

Having used to more "complicated" apps, I found Wee Subs a refreshing change. Despite the simplistic nature of the game, I had fun putting together my submarine and launching it into the sea. The developers had intended to create a game that rewards the players with creative freedom and Wee Subs does that excellently.

I really like how the underwater scenery changes every time you play, creating a challenge even for the nimblest of finger. There is a subtle increase in difficulty in each cycle; obstacles seems to multiply and gems more difficult to spot.

The app also has beautiful, crisp graphics that look amazing on the Retina screen. Together with the hypnotic background music, they create a soothing and almost therapeutic playing experience. Animal-loving juniors will like meeting colorful fishes while the more adventurous ones will delight in finding sunken ships and treasures. I personally enjoy running into mines and hearing the bombastic sound effect that it makes, but of course I have always been the rebellious kind.

Fun.You can replay the game over and over again to create different combinations and collect different gems.


Wee Subs is a beautiful digital toy that I would gladly recommend to any parent who wants to encourage their juniors to play and have fun. Some people may feel like the app is repetitive, but based on my experience, younger kids do not seem to mind it much and enjoy building new submarines every time.

By the way, if you like Wee Subs, you may also want to check out Wee Rockets. Created by the same developers, it lets juniors build their own rockets and blast them off into space.

Wee Subs is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.