Bugs and Numbers

Some months ago, I reviewed an app called Bugs and Bubbles by Little Bit Studio. It was an excellent app filled with many entertaining activities for juniors and shudderingly realistic virtual insects. Today, I am going to review the latest release by the same team of developers, called Bugs and Numbers.

Creepy-crawlies.Bugs and Numbers encourages juniors to hone their math skills through a series of games featuring colorful insects.

Bugs and Numbers

Bugs and Numbers is designed to help juniors learn and practice a wide range of math skills in a non-traditional way. An exhaustive app, it has 18 games that range from basic counting to telling time.

Like other apps in the Bugs series, insects are the main theme in Bugs and Numbers. Drawing parallels from our own world, the background setting is Bug City, a colorful insect utopia that has all the cool places for bugs to live, eat, study and play.

At the local diner, for example, hungry bugs sit at tables made out of jar lids and wait for you to serve the right amount of food. Meanwhile, aspiring insects attend school where you learn to trace numbers and shapes on the blackboard with the guidance of a ladybug. There is even an arcade where you can play a retro-style game of avoiding obstacles by pressing on left and right buttons.

Besides depicting our own society, the games also represent a number of math skills appropriate for juniors of different ages. Some of the topics covered are identifying numbers and shapes, differentiating left from right, coloring by numbers, tracing, sequencing, comparing objects, counting and tallying, addition and subtraction, fractions, basic measuring, telling time and identifying US currencies.

Bugs and Number has an adaptive gameplay that automatically adjusts the difficulty level based on your performance. The games are also organized in three stages and are introduced gradually as you play.

The app also gives out rewards in the form of different insects whenever you achieve a high score so that you will be encouraged to play more. These colorful critters are automatically placed in a virtual box that you can access by tapping on the purple icon in the Explore menu.

Extensive.The app focuses on a wide range of math skills including identifying numbers, performing basic addition and subtractions as well as sequencing.

Parents Need to Know

Bugs and Numbers is a fantastic app that encourages juniors to learn and practice different math skills. The app has 18 unique games that represent varying degrees of skills appropriate for juniors aged 3-8.

Parents with more than one junior in the family can benefit from the app's ability to support multiple user profiles on a single device. To use this option, first you must turn it on from the device's Settings > Bugs and Numbers. From the same menu, you can also set up other things including resetting all data, turning off background music and disregarding the mute switch.

If your family speaks other languages than English, Bugs and Numbers is available in 11 other languages as well. Some languages that are supported are Danish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Antsy.Set in Bug City, the games in the app revolve around the resident insects as they go about their daily activities.

Things I Like

If you have read my previous review on Bugs and Bubbles, you would know that I loved it. I thought that it was a beautiful and unique app that cleverly balances between study and play. Well, like its sibling, Bugs and Numbers is solid in both concept and execution.

First of all, the games included in Bugs and Numbers are well-crafted. It is amazing how the developers could come up with 18 unique games that are educational as well as entertaining. The use of Bug City as a theme is really clever, too. I really found it amusing to watch bugs sit together at the diner and have dates at the arcade.

Bugs and Numbers is also a visual treat. The scenes are so vivid, you wonder if the bugs are going to crawl out of the screen when you aren't looking. There is just an incredible amount of details poured into the app, from the way the insects move their heads to follow your fingers as you trace letters on the blackboard to the school of fish that swim in the background as you ferry ants across a river in an egg carton.

In addition to the top notch graphics, the app also has relaxing background music that changes in every game. The quirky sound effects also lend a hand in making the games more engaging.

Beautiful.Top notch graphics and beautiful music complete the playing experience.


I love Bugs and Numbers. I really do. From the moment you open the app, it just grabs your attention and does not let go for a long, long time. The graphics are excellent, the music wonderful and the games well-designed. If you have Bugs and Bubbles, you will love this app. If you don't, now is the right time to get yourself acquainted with the high quality works of Little Bit Studio.

Bugs and Numbers is available for iPhone/iPad
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