Pepi Tree

When you look at a single tree in a forest, have you ever imagined that many creatures call it their home? In Pepi Tree, we take a deeper look at the tree as an ecosystem and the various creatures that inhabit it.

Play and learn.In Pepi Tree, learn about the lives and habits of various tree-dwellers through fun games.

Sitting in a tree... L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G

Pepi Tree is the latest educational work by Pepi Play, makers of Pepi Bath. In this unique and visually stunning app, juniors can learn about the animals that dwell in the tree, the exact parts of the tree that they live in, the kinds of food that they eat, and even the time of day where they sleep.

The center of all activities in the app is a tall tree in the middle of a forest. Much like an apartment, it is divided into several "floors" that provide living spaces for mammals, birds, invertebrates, and insects. Each floor encompasses a simple activity that subtly delivers a lesson on its inhabitants; for example, in the second topmost floor, you help an owl hunt in the dark. Here, you learn that owls sleep during the day and hunt during the night. To help them hunt, they have eyes that allow them to see in the dark.

To move between levels, simply swipe up or down on the screen or tap on the arrows. In total, the app has six levels that make up six different games. Below is a complete list of them along with a brief description for each one.

  • 6th floor (top of the tree). Guide four different caterpillars as they snack on leaves and fruits to prepare for their metamorphosis.
  • 5th floor. Wake the sleeping owl to change the day into night. Afterwards, help him catch preys that lurk in the dark.
  • 4th floor: Help the hungry spider catch insects by spinning a web to trap them.
  • 3rd floor: Feed a family of squirrels with enough acorns or pine cones so that they can get to bed.
  • 2nd floor (forest floor): Grow berries, mushrooms, and flowers with the help of a friendly cloud. Feed the berries to a hungry hedgehog, stick the flowers to his spine, and pop the mushrooms to get a rabbit to come out of the tree trunk.
  • 1st floor (underground): Help a mole navigate through an underground maze to get home (and snack on some worms along the way). Then, help him pick the right keys to open the door.

Multi-level fun.From the top of the tree to the ground, there’s always a fun activity to complete.

Things Parents Need to Know

Pepi Tree is a unique app that introduces juniors to the animals that live in the tree, under or somewhere around it. The app does not include verbal or written instructions, but it does convey an excellent amount of information about trees through the activities.

Eagle-eyed parents would notice that many elements that are found in the activities translate into real-world facts. For example, the way that the owl’s vision turn the spotlit area into day represents its ability to see clearly at night. In another example, the way that the family of squirrels fall asleep after getting sufficient food explains that they also rest during the day.

All in all, the activities included in the app are varied and fairly simple for juniors aged 3-7. Despite the app’s lack of instructions, it is intuitive enough that they will not feel at lost of what to do. The games are also cleverly designed so that even without paying attention to their educational content, juniors will still have a great time playing.

It is also worth mentioning that the app applies a no-rule gameplay where there isn’t a win/lose situation. As such, there are no penalties for incorrect attempts.

A visual treat.The stunning illustrations and quirky character designs engage juniors to play.

Things I Like

Honestly speaking, I think that there is enough animal apps on the App Store as it is. Compared to six months ago, I no longer get excited over animal apps as I believe that I have seen them all. However, Pepi Tree is a rare exception to this.

Upon first opening it, I was struck by the beautiful visuals. The use of bright colors and textures in the illustrations create a striking visual that will make you happy just by looking at it. Throw in some cute and quirky animal characters, and you have yourself a really appealing app.

Delving deeper into the app, I have to say that Pepi Tree has excellent educational values. I like how the app chooses to gently let juniors explore the tree-dwelling animals and their habits. I think that while it is an uncommon approach, it works well. The activities are also well-designed and suitable for the targeted age range.

Last but not least, I also have to mention the engaging original soundtracks and sound effects. There is a different song for every game and they are incredibly catchy, almost to the point of earwormy. This may or may not be a good thing for some parents, but I’ll let you decide.

Update: Good news for those of you who like the cheeky soundtracks! Pepi Play has released them in a music album called Pepi Tree Songs. You can download it here.

Child-friendly.The activities included are varied and suitable for juniors.


Pepi Tree is a fantastic app that would make a great addition to your collection. It has gorgeous visuals, catchy soundtrack, adorable characters, entertaining activities and high educational value; to put it simply, all the things you want in your children’s app. I highly recommend it.

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Note: Thank you to Pepi Play for providing us with a promo code for Pepi Tree. It was so good that we were stumped!