I'm not much of a fan of the Greek Zodiac astrology, but I can testify that it was a big hit among my peers when I was a teenager. Even though only a few teenagers end up using natal astrology as their guides for decision making process, I can understand when people try to match their personality profiles with the pre-defined astrology associations.

Today I will share about a unique app that is suitable to help teenagers to learn more about their personality profiles by introducing the most common associations with the natal Greek Zodiac astrology. Entitled Astroloquiz, the app was uniquely developed by Dave Wingler, a teacher who wanted to highlight how different people may react to different situations, thus helping our juniors to learn more about their personality traits and other people's.

Reading the Stars.Astroloquiz is a unique astrology-based app that helps teens discover their star signs and learn adjectives related to personality.

What's Your Sign?

Astroloquiz is an astrology-themed quiz app where you are asked to identify how you would react to 48 unique scenarios that are outlined in a teen-friendly fashion. Each scenario is associated with a personality adjective, such as productive, strength and confident. With amazing doodles from Andre Jolicoeur, these scenarios are nicely laid out in beautifully illustrated pages, making the entire experience addictive.

You can tap on the question to have it read to you by a professional narrator that matches the illustrated persona. The narrator also continues to read all the answer options that are available for each question. If you tap on the illustration or the page title, the narrator would read you the definition of the personality adjective in context.

You need to answer each question before you can proceed to the next. The app will record each of your answer in order to determine what it thinks your real zodiac star sign is. Based on my experience, answering all the questions would take you approximately 20 minutes, but it really doesn't feel that long. The entire experience is designed very well that you wish the app has more scenarios.

I personally find the quiz result to be quite accurate as it correctly identified me as a Capricorn. However, the app has more than just the quiz. You can browse through each of the zodiac star sign to see the associated personality traits, definitions of 90 personality adjectives and 20 discussion questions that your teenagers can use to discuss with you or their peers.

Choices.Discover your personality traits by responding to multiple realistic scenarios.

Parents Need to Know

Eager to know more about the design decisions behind the app, I asked a few questions to Dave Wingler, the developer of Astroloquiz. Here are some of our discussions via e-mail:

Eric: Could you please tell us a bit about your teaching background and why you decided to develop an astrology-based app?
Dave: I teach English Communication at a junior and senior high school in Osaka, Japan. I've been a teacher now for about 15 years and have been fortunate enough to have a great deal of creative freedom when designing curriculum for my students. Children here are fascinated with personalities and love the opportunity to discuss their differences. Using astrology gives children the opportunity to reflect on themselves and participate in a dialogue. Exploring our unique differences makes this app a valuable educational tool. Our kids absorb so much these days and providing them with engaging activities is essential to both their social and linguistic development.

Eric: Did you design all the scenario questions and answers on your own?
Dave: I'd like to acknowledge all the wonderful people who helped make Astroloquiz a reality. I sat down with a number of people and discussed at length each question and possible answers for each scenario. My colleague Rachel MacLennan proved most insightful and I am deeply appreciative of the time she spent with me.

Eric: What inspired you to create the Q&A format?
Dave: Astroloquiz is based on a popular lesson in my classroom that I used to promote communication and interaction, hence the Q&A format. My goal is to help others to learn without them actually 'thinking' that they are learning. It's an indirect approach and has two outcomes - we absorb the meanings of words while at the same time learn about ourselves and others. It is this spirit of discovery that I like to create in my classroom.

Eric: How did you narrow down the personalities into those 48 scenarios?
Dave: When designing this lesson turned app, I made certain that the representative characteristics of each sign were accurate. If I had used a larger sample of say 6 or 8 traits representing each sign then the quiz would have taken too long. Each scene has been thought out to show us who we are, on a deeper level. Taking the Astroloquiz is more about exploring one another than learning about astrology, but because it provides accurate descriptions of each star sign, you will also learn about astrology!

Cute.The app has lovely illustrations and a great narration that bring the scenarios to live.

Things I Like

I really like the replay value that the app has. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, I think it would be hard for you to remember all of your answers. If you change one or more of your answers, you might be diagnosed as having a different zodiac star sign. However, I do believe that if the order of the questions were randomized, it would boost the replay value more.

I also really like the awesome doodles that Andre Jolicoeur has made. Looking at his works, I would consider hiring him if I were to make a new app or any project that requires his style of doodling. I believe his illustrations have successfully made Astroloquiz come alive.

Educational.More than just a fancy quiz, this app helps teens learn more about themselves and other people.


Astroloquiz is an excellent Greek zodiac-themed personality app for teenagers with a great replay value. Developed by a teacher who wants to help teenagers to learn more about their personality, I would recommend it for parents who want to learn more about how their teenagers developed their personalities.

Astroloquiz is available for iPad
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