ZEN and TECH Parenting

ZEN and TECH is a new podcast that I added to my Downcast subscriptions last week after reading Rene Ritchie's tweet where he mentioned about the 45th episode of the podcast. I downloaded and listened to that episode which focused on children and food.

If you browse through their official website, you will find that ZEN and TECH is a podcast about how to center your inner geek and de-stress your connected life. Yet according to a recent announcement on iMore, Rene and his co-host, Georgia, just started a new sub-series on their podcast about parenting.

Georgia is a successful therapist who has spent years specializing in children and parenting. Over the next few months, Rene and Georgia are planning to record more episodes on parenting. In their first parenting episode that talked about discipline, boundaries, and consequences, Georgia explained that:

One of the most important job that we get to do is to be a parent and raise another person.

I appreciate what Rene and Georgia are trying to do with the new sub-series. I believe that parenting is at the crossroads of art and science. Sooner or later most people would end up becoming parents of their own, yet there is no formal education for young parents to help them deal with their challenges. Unlike technology which is a topic that easily fades away in just a few months, parenting is a classic topic that gets updated every year.

I believe every generation has their own parenting challenges. While we may be tempted to treat our juniors as best friends, Georgia argued that:

They don't need a friend. Your children will have many friends in their life. They need one thing, a parent. As a parent, your only job is to make sure that your children learn the ways of their society and that they won't wreck under the pressures of their society.

I learned a lot from the first two episodes of the new ZEN and TECH sub-series on parenting. I expect there will be more great parenting episodes from Rene and Georgia. If you're excited about parenting podcasts, I recommend you to subscribe to their feed.

If you have recommendations on great parenting podcasts, let me know via Twitter. I'd love to hear what your favorites are.