Sponsorship: Teeny Tuca - The Rooster's Race Book

Teeny Tuca is the story of a brave little rooster who races to save his farm

We would like to thank Christyanne Kasper of Teeny Tuca for sponsoring Geeks With Juniors this week. Teeny Tuca is a new franchise featuring a young rooster who tries to help Mr. Willy raise money in order to pay the debt of his Rag Farm by participating in a Rooster's Race. This iPad storybook app is available for free and you can read the first 12 pages of the 35-page story. If you like it, you can download the full version via in-app purchase. The purchase will also unlock a sticker activity page where your juniors can try various outfits on Teeny Tuca.

The storybook includes narration in two languages, i.e. English and Portuguese. I personally find the story more appropriate for children aged 4-7, as it features concepts that might be foreign to younger readers, e.g. partying, paying debts and others being mean to you. On the other hand, it also introduces nice ideas for your juniors, such as healthy beverages, not judging others by their appearances and being supportive to your family and friends.

As a reader, I enjoyed reading the original storyline in this book. As a user, I would prefer if the developers decide to make the book as a paid app, rather than a free app with in-app purchase. The other two wishes I have is for the app to be optimized (its currently sized at 250 MB) and for the interactivity (and mini games) to be improved and enriched. I hope we can see these improvements in the upcoming releases.

If you like the storyline and the characters in Teeny Tuca franchise, you might also be interested in the Puzzle and Memory game that is available as a separate iPad app.