Bugs and Bubbles

We have reviewed a handful of apps of different genres here on Geeks With Juniors, but it's not very often I get to review an app like Bugs and Bubbles. A unique app, it has plenty of activities and things to play with.

Fun and educational.
Fun and educational.

Bugs and Bubbles is an activity app with 18 fun and educational games to play.

Fun with Bug and Bubbles

Bugs and Bubbles is a collection of 18 educational games involving, well, bugs and bubbles. Set in the fictional Uncle Bob's Bubble Factory and its surrounding natural environment, the app mixes industrial and organic elements to form an eclectic playground for your juniors.

A wide range of activities are included in the app to train different skills. Some of the things that your juniors can learn in this app are counting, recognizing colors and shapes, comparing sizes, completing patterns, practicing gestures, writing and understanding basic physics.

The games implement old and new mechanics to provide a fun learning environment. An example game found in the app is Matching Bubbles, where you are asked to match pairs of bubbles according to the numbers and letters they contain. In another game called Follow Me, you trace a letter on a realistically-rendered foggy window by following the movements of a green fly.

Besides training your children's cognitive skills, Bugs and Bubbles also emphasizes on motor skills. Unlike in other children's apps where it is sufficient to use only taps, the app requires the use of advanced gestures -- such as pinching, rotating with two fingers and tilting -- in some of its games. In Pinch Me, for example, you harvest bubbles off plants by pinching.

The app measures your progress using levels and points. A "smart" levelling system automatically adjusts the difficulty level of each game according to your performance. There is also a reward in the form of stickers that you collect after achieving a high score.


Bugs and Bubbles trains various skills, such as comparing sizes and numbers.

Parents Need to Know

Bugs and Bubbles is a great app that offers various activities that require different sets of skills. In this app, juniors can learn math skills such as counting, balancing scales and recognizing numbers, as well as language skills such as recognizing upper and lowercase letters. Some games also train their ability to complete simple sequences, sort things by color and compare sizes.

In addition to basic cognitive skills, the app also trains fine motor skills. Some games, such as Pinch Me or Shape Stacker, require the use of gestures that are not commonly practiced in other apps, such as pinching, rotating with two fingers and tilting the device.

Based on my experience in using this app, I would say that Bugs and Bubbles best fits juniors aged 3-6. Some games may be difficult for younger juniors so I would advise parents to accompany them as they play. On the positive side, the wide difficulty range offered by the app gives it a longer lifespan. If you are looking for an app that suits younger juniors, I would suggest looking at Bugs and Buttons, also by the same developers.

Unlike many children apps that adopt cartoon-y themes, Bugs and Bubbles chose to use realistic graphics and animations that are laced with a fair amount of humor. While this may unnerve some children, it can also trigger their interest to learn about insects.

Taps and swipes.
Taps and swipes.

Motor skills are trained through the use of advanced gestures, such as pinching and swiping.

Things I Like

One of the things that I really like about Bugs and Bubbles is the large number of games included within the app. I think 18 is a lot and I admire the developers for coming up with unique and fun activities that balance learning and playing.

One of my favorite games in the app is Race Me, an insect racing game featuring butterflies, ants and woodlice. Each bug is controlled using different gestures -- to move the butterfly, slide a switch back and forth; to make the ant run, tap two buttons alternately; and to roll the woodlouse, do a circular motion on the screen. I think this is a really clever way to train your junior's motor skills and make the game exciting.

Visually, the game is beautiful and realistic. Too realistic, even. To tell you the truth, I am more of a fan of the bubbles than I am of the bugs, but even so, I respect the amazingly detailed graphics. I also like the decision to combine the industrial setting of Uncle Bob's factory with its surrounding natural environment as it creates a unique and refreshing setting.

Rounding up the whole experience is the lovely background music that almost lulls you to sleep as you play. The developers mentioned that there is more than 50 minutes of music included in the app and I must thank them for that.

A visual treat.
A visual treat.

Breathtakingly realistic graphics make the app a joy to use

The Bottom Line

As much as insects frighten me, I think Bugs and Bubbles is a excellent app that will entertain juniors and parents alike. With plenty of activities included, as well as gorgeous visuals and music, it is a worthy investment that I highly recommend.

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