Tap the Frog 2 version 1.1

As you might have read, I'm a fan of Tap The Frog 2. I love how the games are ridiculously simple, but at the same time, challenging enough for players to keep coming back for more. Being a casual gamer, I also enjoy having several mini games in one app.

Another thing that I love about Tap The Frog 2 is that the developers are always actively updating the games with new contents; in fact, just yesterday, Tap The Frog 2 version 1.1 was released as a free update for existing users. Included in the new update are five new exciting mini games, as well as high-definition graphics for Retina devices. I'm definitely excited about this update -- below are several reasons why.

Tap The Frog 2 version 1.1 review - Includes five new exciting mini gamesRibbit! The frogs are at it again in the version 1.1 update for Tap The Frog 2

New mini games

Getting more games is always a good thing, and obviously this is my foremost reason for loving this update. Five new mini games are available in version 1.1: Double Tap the Frog, Spoil the Frog, Bounce the Frog, Spacewalk the Frog and Pump the Frog.

One thing I like about the new games is the variety that they offer. While several of the games are reminiscences of ones that already exist -- Spacewalk the Frog, for example, plays like Jetpack Joyride -- they are nicely adapted to fit the overall theme of Tap the Frog 2.

Tap The Frog 2 version 1.1 review - Play against a friend on the same deviceIn Pump the Frog, you play against a friend on the same iPad

Multiplayer mini games

While I enjoy playing Tap The Frog 2 by myself, it is always more exciting to play with friends. I often play Tap The Frog 2 with my colleagues during lunch breaks, and we always have a great time. So it's a good thing that the developers of Tap the Frog 2 decided to include a new mini game that can be played together by two people on the same device -- Pump the Frog.

In Pump the Frog, each player compete to pump up a balloon being held by a frog in a sumo getup, by swiping back and forth rapidly on the screen. The faster you swipe, the more air is pumped into the balloon. The winner is the one whose balloon is first to fully inflate and fly into the air.

One of the things that I always admire from Tap the Frog 2 is the responsiveness of the game. As the mini games in Tap the Frog 2 are all designed to test reflexes, it's important that the app do not stutter or lag; otherwise, the gameplay will suffer. With the addition of the new multiplayer mini game in version 1.1, I'm even more convinced that the app is amazingly stable; I've never experienced lagging or crashing while playing, even on my sister's first generation iPad.

Tap The Frog 2 version 1.1 review - With Retina-ready graphics to make the game popRetina-ready graphics make the game pop!

Retina-ready graphics

I own a Retina iPad, but personally, I have never really found the non-Retina graphics in the older version of Tap the Frog 2 to be a problem. As the games emphasize more on quick thinking and reflexes, I never had time to actually pay attention to the quality of the graphics. Plus, they weren't bad to begin with. However, I'm sure the addition of Retina-ready graphics will be welcomed by those with Retina devices.

Tap The Frog 2 version 1.1 review - Bringing more frogtastic funThe new Tap The Frog 2 update brings more frogtastic fun


I wrote in my previous review that I loved Tap the Frog 2, and the 1.1 update made me love it even more. If you haven't had the chance to get the app, this is the perfect time to get it. With the addition of the new single and multiplayer games and Retina graphics, Tap The Frog 2 is a worthy addition to your game collection.

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