Pepi Bath

Ever get frustrated of getting your juniors to clean up after themselves? You may want to turn to Pepi Bath, a cute and interactive app that teaches your juniors about hygiene in a fun way.

Pepi Bath teaches your juniors to pick up and wash their dirty laundry

Pepi Bath

Pepi Bath is a fun role-playing app that teaches your juniors about basic hygiene and personal cleaning habits. In this app, our junior helps the central characters, a boy and a girl both named Pepi, as they go on their daily cleaning routines. These routines are divided into four sets, with each set taking place at a specific area in the house.

The first set of activities takes place in the laundry area, where your junior is asked to help Pepi clean her (or his) mud-stained clothes by dragging and dropping them into the washing machine. Then, your junior needs to run the washing machine by closing the door, putting in some detergent and pressing the start button. Once the clothes are washed, your junior should hang them up to dry.

The second set of activities takes place at the sink, where Pepi stands at the sink with unruly hair, dirty hands and leaves between her teeth. There are several items on the counter that can be used to clean her up, and your junior should choose the correct item to finish a given task. For example, your junior should use the comb to comb Pepi's hair and the bar of soap to wash her hands.

The app provides funny and helpful hints to let your junior know what an item is for; for example, if your junior taps on the toothbrush, Pepi will show her yellow teeth that must be brushed. Using an item for a wrong activity will result in Pepi showing a grimace and a disapproving "nuh-huh", while successfully completing an activity will earn your junior a happy face.

In the third activity set, Pepi is shown sitting on the toilet. Tapping on her tummy a few times will make her "go", which the app portrays quite realistically by including bathroom sound effects. Once Pepi is done with her business, your junior helps her wipe her bottom and flush the toilet. Lastly, your junior is asked to spray the room with some air freshener to ward off unwanted smell.

The final activity set requires helping Pepi take a bath, which involves filling the tub with the right amount of hot and cold water and putting in some soap. Your junior must also wash Pepi's hair with shampoo and scrub her feet to get them squeaky clean.

Picking up the toothbrush reveals that Pepi desperately needs his teeth brushed

What I like about Pepi Bath

I think Pepi Bath is an excellent and helpful app for parents. I haven't seen many apps that touch on the same topic as Pepi Bath, so this makes the app unique in my opinion. Hygiene is an important topic that all parents should actively discuss with their juniors, and Pepi Bath makes the journey of learning about personal cleanliness more fun.

The app is surprisingly realistic. The toilet scene may be off-putting for some people, but it teaches juniors a great deal about the proper toilet hygiene. The only questionable activity for me is the clipping of fingernails using a pair of scissors; I personally have never known anyone to clip their nails that way.

I also think that Pepi Bath has great interactivity, which is a must in kids' apps nowadays. There are plenty of elements in the app that encourage juniors to keep exploring, such as the bubbles and the squeaky rubber duck in the tub. The app is also very compelling to look at, with its lovely artwork and cheerful colors. The only downer is that it is not Retina-ready, but the app's interactivity and educational value more than make up for it.

Pepi Bath helps your juniors with potty training


Pepi Bath is a unique, fun and lovely app with great educational value that I think many parents would benefit from. If you're a parent trying to teach your juniors about personal hygiene, I would highly recommend Pepi Bath.

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