Glowfish HD

When an evil sea creature kidnaps your girlfriend, what should a fish do? Why, go an adventure across the ocean to save her, of course! Follow Glowfish as he explores uncharted waters, battles hostile sea creatures and saves friends along the way in the beautiful side-scrolling maze adventure, Glowfish HD.

A fishy tale.Follow Glowfish as he explores the ocean to save his kidnapped girlfriend.

Introducing Glowfish HD

Glowfish HD follows the adventure of Glowfish, a squishy looking fish whose girlfriend, Coralline, was kidnapped by the evil Dr. Urchin. Naturally, as the hero of the story, Glowfish tries to save her. Unfortunately the ocean, while beautiful, can be a dangerous place for such a little fish; enemies and environmental hazards lurk in every corner, ready to pounce on him. It is now up to you to help Glowfish navigate through mysterious waters and save the day.

Glowfish HD review - collect friends to defeat enemiesIn Glowfish HD, friends help you defend enemies

The Gameplay

Using a virtual joystick, you control Glowfish as he swims through complex mazes made of bioluminescent corals and crystals. Each level features a different maze, so no two look exactly the same. There is also at least one secret area in each level - finding them will add to your overall points. A map, showing the parts of the level that you have explored, can be brought up by pressing the Map button.

As you make your way through each level, you need to be careful of enemies. There is a variety of them to keep you on your toes (or should I say fins?). Some will actively chase you, while some will hide in the shadows and only attack when you are idle. Others prefer to stay put but are in the way, so you have to defeat them anyway.

To defend himself, Glowfish enlists the help of his friends. Throughout each level, you'll find tiny fishes that can latch themselves onto your tail, creating a trail as you swim. Tapping the Shield button will cause these fish to swim in a circle and form a defensive shield around you. If you bump into an enemy with your shield up, he will burst into bubbles and leave behind a tiny friend that will happily follow you.

The more friends that you have, the more powerful your shield will be and the bigger the enemy you can take on. However, if a creature is to big to bump into, tap the Shield button once more to form a trail, and then swim in circles around him. This produces a bubble attack that will shrink the enemy down until he finally bursts.

Your friends won't always be with you, though. In order to access all areas in a level, you need to drop a specific number of them at safe houses. This makes things a bit tricky as you can run into enemies right after you left all your friends.

In addition to tiny fishes, you can also unlock eight different Chums that will stay with you at all times. While these chums don't kill enemies, they do have special abilities to help you. For example, the seahorse chum can decrease an enemy's size. You can also upgrade your chum's abilities using coins that are collected throughout the game.

Last but not least, watch out for natural hazards. Spiky gates often lie at tunnel entrances, ready to close in when you are not careful. Falling crystals can hurt you, and so can spiky tentacles that move with the current.

Glowfish HD review - Glowfish HD is a visual treatGlowfish HD is a visual treat, featuring different underwater landscapes in every level.

What Makes Glowfish HD Outstanding

In Glowfish HD, every level is a visual treat. The glowing landscape is serene to look at, it's almost hypnotic. There is an incredible amount of details put into the landscapes, from the moving shadows of hammerhead sharks swimming by above you to the way the rays of light shine through shallower waters. The overall tone of the levels also change as the game progresses; early levels are bright to denote your happy, sunshine-filled home while later ones are darker as you venture into stranger waters. It's a shame that the game is not Retina-ready, though.

In terms of gameplay, Glowfish HD excels. The developer put a great deal of work into designing the levels, making sure that each one is unique and challenging. I love how new enemies are introduced as you reach higher levels, forcing you to come up with different strategies to survive.

Controlling the game is also easy. I am usually skeptical about the responsiveness of virtual control buttons in iOS games, but I had no problems with the joystick in Glowfish HD. In fact, it's easy to do tight maneuvering, which you will have to do in some levels. The game also comes with the option to relayout the controls if you wish. I personally haven't had the need to do this, but I imagine such option would be useful for someone with larger hands.

Glowfish HD review - Game controls are responsive and smoothGame controls in Glowfish HD is responsive and smooth


If you like adventure games, Glowfish HD is a must have in your collection. But, even if you don't, consider picking this game up for its stunning visuals and relaxing gameplay. You won't be disappointed!

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