Pixel and Parker

If you have been following our website, you may have noticed that there have been quite a fewstorybookapps for the iPad that we reviewed. The existence of great storybooks for the iPad plays a big part for the iPad's success in the digital education space, especially among parents and homeschoolers. While characters, storyline and life values are typical key success factors in a typical storybook, a storybook iPad app needs more than those.


Meet Pixel and her best friend, Parker

Pixel and Parker

Pixel and Parker is a new storybook app from Spinlight Studios that creatively tells the story in an adventure mode, allowing our juniors to have slightly different storylines each time they play. Featuring a young boy named Parker and his black cat named Pixel, the app outlines the story into 30 different segments that are independent of one another, making it possible to use a spinner to determine the course of the adventure.

In the storyline, Pixel is depicted as a playful cat that loves to play catch with butterflies that fly around the playground. One day, Pixel chased a butterfly without Parker's knowledge. By the time Parker decided to go home, he was worried because he could not find Pixel. The entire adventure is a set of attempts that Parker makes to search for Pixel before the day gets dark.

The adventure uses a spinner as a replacement for a six-sided die to determine how far Parker should move in the board. The adventure board is similar to a simplified Snakes and Ladders with only a single ladder (near the alley) and a single snake (near the wooden log). The "roll/spin and move" mechanic of the game makes it a good candidate for your junior's first board game.


Pixel and Parker uses a unique spinner to determine the course of the story

What I like about Pixel and Parker

I have always loved games that allow me to have a different experience each time I play. Because Pixel and Parker had this quality, I couldn't get enough of it. It kills me to ignore all the spaces on the board that I haven't visited on my first game. The thought of knowing that I might have missed something cool or exciting made me want to play it again and again.

Fortunately, Pixel and Parker provides the player with a reward each time they play. The app allows players to collect 30 t-shirts that will be worn by Parker on his adventure; all you need to do is roll and hit one of the blue gift boxes on the board.

Each space on the board represents a unique activity page that your juniors can enjoy. The types of activities include searching for Pixel, overcoming obstacles along the way, and playing with butterflies (or throwing coins into the fountain) as a nice side quest to reduce the stress of looking for Pixel.


Follow Parker as he goes on an adventure to find his cat, Pixel

What Philip loves about the app

When I introduced Pixel and Parker to Philip, my 3-year old son, I found that he loved the spinner. Even though it was not easy for him (or even me) to make the required gestures to spin the wheel, he really liked to spin and guess which number the needle would end up at.

Obviously, he loved to change the t-shirt that Parker wore. When we played together, we always had a discussion over which t-shirt he wanted to use that time. The ever-changing nature of the app really helps to keep him interested each time he starts the app.


In Pixel and Parker, you can unlock t-shirts for Parker to wear


Based on our previous experience with Spinlight Studios, we are accustomed to the high production quality of their apps. Pixel and Parker is no exception. It is the first adventure storybook app for the iPad that I've seen, offering a slightly different gameplay (and storyline) each time we play it. I really like it and now eagerly wait for the next adventure storybook series from them.

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Note: Thank you to Spinlight Studios for providing us with the promo code that I used to review Pixel Parker with my sons. We had a great time playing it.