Rule of Thumb for Purchasing Anything Tech-related

Matt Buchanan on why you should never buy a mediocre piece of technology expecting that it'll be more amazing tomorrow than it is today:

If I were to tell you one thing about buying technology, it is this: Buy something because you like what it is right now, not because you think it's going to get better, or that one day it'll be what you really wanted it to be.

Marco Arment on products that are great since day one:

I don’t buy things that are “getting better”, because they usually don’t. Whatever caused them to be lacking in their current release will usually prevent them from being great in future releases.

I buy things that are great today. They’re usually things that have been great since day one. And, more often than not, they’re Apple products.

I believe the same philosophy can be applied to apps too. You'll never know when (and if) the authors are going to update the apps, just buy them for what they can do now.