Since the iPhone's first introduction in 2007, it has propelled the growth of mobile photography. The term "iPhoneography", coined to describe the art of taking photos with the iPhone, is a testament to this.

The iPhone is great for photography mainly because of one reason - it is always with you. Not everyone can carry a pocket camera all the time, let alone a bulky SLR. The beauty of the iPhone is that it is always within arm's reach, making it easier and faster to capture those precious, fleeting moments.

It also helps that the iPhone sports a great built-in camera. (One might even argue it is one of the best in its class) There's also the addition of many great photography apps available on the App Store.

That said, one app stands out for me - that app is Camera+. I like it so much that it lives on my dock to replace the built-in camera app and I will recommend it to anyone who recently got an iPhone.

Tap to Shoot.There are four shooting modes in Camera+: Normal, Stabilizer, Timer and Burst.

Say Cheese!

When you fire up Camera+, the first screen you will see is the camera. By default, there is a 3x3 grid overlay to help you compose your shots. Camera+ extends the native camera app by offering additional shooting modes. You can choose between Normal, Stabilizer, Timer and Burst.

A fantastic feature in Camera+ is the ability to manually set both the focus and exposure area by tapping on the screen. Once you're done, you can then snap your photo using the Camera button, the phone's physical volume up button and even your headphone's volume up button.

Camera+ also extends the capability of iPhone's LED flash by adding the option for toggling it on as a torch. This allows the LED to light continuously but at the expense of battery life, so I would advise to use it sparingly.

Unfortunately, Camera+ doesn't offer HDR capture like the native camera app. Fortunately, the app makes it up in its post processing capabilities. In the "Adjust" menu, a "Scenes" mode called "Clarity" is the app's own version of HDR and one of its most touted features.

For those who want to add extra "oomph" to their photos, Camera+ includes the ability to add filters. The app already comes with 3 packs containing 9 filters each, but if you want more, there's an Analog FX pack available for $.99.

All photos taken using Camera+ will automatically be saved in the Lightbox, a special section of the app where you can choose to edit, share or save your photos. Already took a great photo with another app that you want to edit? You can import (multiple!) photos from Camera Roll into the Lightbox.

Once you're done snapping and editing, you'll probably want to show off your work. Besides the standard share to email and social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Flickr), you can also share your photo via SMS. Camera+ will generate a web link for your photo, which you can copy and paste anywhere you like.

Powerful.Camera+ offers powerful image editing capabilities, including image adjustments, resizing and filtering.

Things I Like

The versatility of Camera+ has made it my go-to camera app. The fact that I can take, edit and then share my photos all in one app is really convenient. As much as I love editing my photos, switching back and forth between multiple apps can be cumbersome, so I find it best to stick to one good app.

I also love how Camera+ accommodates different types of workflow to suit the user's needs. For instance, I prefer to shoot first and do all my editing later. With Camera+, I can just snap away and the app will automatically save the photos in the Lightbox, ready to be sorted and processed later.

On the other hand, if you prefer to shoot and share in one go, Camera+ supports that too. My Mom, who often attends socials functions with her friends, is a fan of this workflow. She'll snap a group photo, edit it on the spot and then upload it to Facebook. The process is easy for her to learn, and she takes photos more frequently ever since I introduced her to Camera+.

Save and Share.The Lightbox keeps photos taken using Camera+ separate from Camera Roll.


I think I've made it pretty clear that I love Camera+. It's a versatile app that I believe every photographer will benefit from. Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, Camera+ can accommodate your needs and workflow. If you can only choose one photography app, get Camera+.