Score! Classic Goals

Whenever there’s a soccer tournament as big as the Euro Cup or the FIFA World Cup, millions of people around the world tune in to watch. Nobody wants to miss a goal made in these tournaments. No matter how simple that goal might be, it still bears great historical value.

Score! Classic Goals allows fans to relive historical goals in soccer

Score! Classic Goals

Score! Classic Goals is the perfect app for soccer fans to relive the great goals scored in big tournaments such as Euro Cups and World Cups. Fans not only watch, but also participate in recreating 80 classic goals in football history.

The goals are grouped by decades: 2010s, 2000s, 1990s and 1980s. For each decade, there are 20 goals you can recreate. As far as I know, these are all legit goals, i.e., they were scored in real tournaments.

An example goal you can find in the app is the one scored by David Beckham for England in a FIFA World Cup 2002 qualifying match against Greece. It was memorable because England needed at least a draw to qualify, and the match was already at the 93rd minute with Greece leading the score 2-1. If you watch this footage on YouTube, you will see how great the goal was.

With Score! Classic Goals, you have the chance to relive goals like these. You will see white dotted lines that show you how to make a pass, cross, or shot, and yellow dotted lines that show how your teammate will move to anticipate your pass. Simply flick your finger in a specific direction to pass the ball, or to make an attempt at goal.

Score as your favorite player did it. Follow the dotted line to recreate a famous goal

Why the Game is Addictive

The game uses a three-star leveling system. To get all the stars, you must perform perfect passes and shots. If you somehow manage to score the goal in your first attempt, you will get an “Ace!”, proving you might be a natural.

You will also love how goals are replayed from at least three different camera angles: a wide perspective, the scorer’s perspective, and the goalkeeper’s perspective. This factor alone have successfully made me and my colleagues at work replay the goals over and over again.

The historical values behind the goals are also important to me as a soccer fan. Each goal has its own story, and the app remembers to include them.

Unlock bonus modes and score more goals

What I think about this game

As a soccer fanatic, this game easily won my heart. The beginner mode is a great experience, but what makes the app shine is the professional mode. In this mode, I get to control how I make each pass and shot.

The bonus mode is also amazing because players have the chance to score the goal in ways that was not previously possible. Instead of steering you to make the same passes and shots, the game encourages you to create your own goals.

Despite its simple mechanic, the game is thoughtful and well made. I, for one, like how the AI-controlled defending team reacts differently when you make different passes or shots. The game also precisely tracks your lines and the gestures.

Beautiful graphics and excellent responsiveness make Score! Classic Goals a standout


Score! Classic Goals is a must-have for all soccer fans. It’s been a long time since I got excited over a new game just by playing its first level. This game was made out of love for soccer and beautiful goals, and now it is gaining much deserved love from soccer fans like me.

Score! Classic Goals is available for iPhone/iPad
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