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I believe that almost everyone has had some form of algebra lesson in their lifetime. Regardless of your previous experience, I believe that students in this modern era have a better chance of enjoying the experience of learning algebra with the array of tools we have today.

I love math and have always been excited about math, but I've never been this excited about a math app until I tried Algebra Touch. This app really excels at helping people learn and practice some of the core concepts of algebra.

Educational.Algebra Touch explains basic concepts of algebra in a simple and intuitive way.

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Algebra Touch teaches you the core concepts of algebra, including addition, multiplication, factoring, crossing out elements on division, isolation, distribution, and factoring out. The app offers step by step walkthroughs for each of these concepts, showing intuitive animations and clear explanation each step of the way.

Easy.Intuitive, gesture-based action makes learning easier and more fun.

Things I Like

You may realize that solving an algebra equation frequently requires several steps. If we do it using pen and paper, it would require multiple lines before we arrive to a solution. It's also impossible for pen and paper to give us feedback as we try several approaches to solve the problem.

Algebra Touch helps us to eliminate this problem. In the app, each tap that you make actually takes you one step closer to the solution by automatically generating a new line for you. For example, tapping the plus sign below will automatically generate the next line (18y - 18):

17y + y - 18
18y - 18

The app also provides feedback on things that you cannot do. For instance, tapping the minus sign on the example above would not yield anything. Because the app understands (and teaches) the order of operations, it also would not continue if you tap the plus sign on the following equation:

17y + y * -18

In addition, the app makes use of intuitive gestures like crossing out elements above and below the division line to eliminate them, tapping a non-prime number to show the different options for factoring it out, dragging one element from one side of the equation to the other to isolate the variables from the values and tapping the multiplication sign to distribute the multiplication into the elements inside the subsequent bracket. I can go on and on, but there's no better way to describe it than using a video. Check out the following video of myself performing the Advanced tutorial:

Isn't that amazing? I know I love math, but the love of math from the author of this app is beyond mine. With this app, the author has successfully made algebra beautiful. I really wish this app had existed when I was studying algebra 25 years ago.

The video shows how amazing the tutorial and the app is, but there's more. You can practice each concept from within the app. The app will an almost infinite number of problems for you to solve and practice. You can also enter in your own problem set, which will be very useful for those who are studying for their upcoming exams.

Simple.The app provides clear and simple instructions.


Algebra Touch is an amazing app. A lot of love and care were poured into it, and I have mad respects for the author in his ability to make algebra beautiful in the hands of anyone who's learning via the app.

I would also recommend this app to any parent who wants to help their juniors with the core concepts of algebra. This app would not only make them have a better understanding of algebra via the explanation and practices, but it could also make them love math. It's a certainly a worthy investment for their future.

Algebra Touch is available for iPhone/iPad
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