The ABC's of God

Currently there are over than 68,000 apps in the App Store under the Education category. If you search using "alphabet" as the keyword, you will end up browsing a list of more than 2,000 apps. This shows just how hard it is to scour the App Store to find the right one for you.

To tell you the truth, I rarely use the search feature of the App Store when I'm trying to find an app for my 3-year old son, Philip. I mainly just browse the Top 200 list of educational apps to scour for new apps that might be interesting for me. Today I'd like to tell you about The ABC's of God, an alphabets app that I found serendipitously while I was scouring that list.

Letter tracing in The ABCs of God help your juniors learn the alphabets

What the app is about

The ABC's of God is an educational app that is designed to help your juniors learn the alphabets through a sequence of activities and several mini games that you can unlock later in the process. The app starts by asking the usernames that you juniors would like to use. It supports up to four different users and will use the username to track each user's data.

Once your juniors select the username, the app will let them play with each letter of the alphabets. They will start by tracing the letters in uppercase form three times, then in lowercase for another three times before finishing the sequence of activities by finding the assigned letters in a matrix full of other letters. Once your juniors have finished all the activities for a given letter, they will receive a sticker as their reward which is stored inside a treasure chest.

If your juniors have played with 10 or more letters, the app will automatically unlock the "fridge match" mini game where they can play with letter magnets and try to make the correct uppercase-lowercase pair of each letter. Another mini game that your juniors can unlock after playing with 20 or more letters is the "find words" mini game where they can search for a sequence of letters downward or across that matches the list of given words. Finally, if you read the developer's letter for parents, you will find a button that unlocks the doodle board where your juniors can further practice their handwriting skills.

In Fridge Match, your junior must match the uppercase letter to its lowercase counterpart

What makes this app special

The ABC's of God is a Christian-themed app that not only tries to teach your juniors to recognize and write letters in the alphabets, but also introduces them to God and His Word. Throughout the game you will see loading screens, background template images, words and stickers that are designed for this purpose. Not only would you notice selected Bible verses being quoted within the app, but it is also deeply integrated with the final activity of each letter, i.e. finding the assigned letter within a quoted verse that is being displayed in a Bible-like background template image. This will give your juniors a bit of familiarity when they actually start to read the Bible on their own.

The words selected to appear in the reward stickers are also related to God and His character. Eternal, holy, love and sovereign are some of the words that you can find printed on these stickers. As a bonus, you can also tap each sticker to hear how they are read and what the relevant Bible verse that shows this character of God is.

Finally, the "find words" mini game is also designed to features words like Christ, mercy, worthy and spirit that will trigger a discussion with your juniors about what they mean. It is aligned with the developer's intention to have parents play the app together with their juniors.

In Find Words mini game, your junior is asked to find Christian-themed words


As a Christian parent, I am personally grateful to have found this app because it now acts as an enabler for me to have a discussion with my 3-year old son, Philip, about God and His character. The beautiful design, solid implementation and creative gameplay within this app really help The ABC's of God to be among the best apps to teach your juniors the letters in the alphabets.

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