I am horrible at keeping journals. For me personally, writing a journal requires time and effort which I (most of the time) don’t have. So, when a friend recommended me to try Momento, I was rather skeptical. With my notorious track record, how was this app going to make things any different?

Oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

Momento makes it easy to write journal on the go

A ‘Momento’ to Remember

Momento by d3i is a straightforward, no fuss diary writing app designed to help you easily jot things down on the go. The app labels itself as a beautiful, fast and easy way to chronicle your life, and I think it delivers exactly what it promises.

The app allows you to write entries (labelled as “moments”) any time you like and groups them by date. What makes the process unique is that when you record an entry, you get the option to rate it from one to five stars. You can also tag said entry with other information, such as people, places and events. If you like, you can also attach photos to your entry. The app will then group similar entries based on these tags and make it possible for you to search for them. So, you can, for example, relive your happiest moments by searching all entries with a five-star rating.

That is not all. Momento takes it even further by incorporating another killer feature where you can import feeds from your social network and archive them as moments. There are many networks that you can connect to Momento, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare and This really enriches the app and aligns with the vision of chronicling one’s life, as you can now look at those photos you posted last summer, or even reminisce the places where you went on dates.

Once you’ve made your “moments”, there are two ways you can view them. The first is in the “Days” tab, where moments are grouped by days and sorted chronologically, with the newer ones at the top. The second way is through the “Calendar” tab, where you can move forward or backward through months and/or years.

Want to keep your data save from prying eyes? Momento lets you set a passcode lock to access the app. There is also a feature to backup and even export your journal entries to iTunes, just in case anything happens to your device. For me personally, this is a priceless feature, especially if you have written a lot of entries.

More than just text, you can add photos and tags to your entries

Why I Love Momento

Again, I suck at keeping journals. But I keep coming back to Momento. When I think of the reason why, it’s because the app makes it easy to write at any given time. One of the problems that I had with (physical) journals was that it was impossible to carry it with me all the time. And by the time I could sit down and write, most of the things I wanted to write had dissipated or I would have lost the mood.

Another reason is that Momento lets me write at any length I want. On days when I don’t feel like writing much, I leave only snippets throughout the day. On other days, I can write lengthy, exhausting posts that summarize my week.

The ability to import feeds from my social network is also priceless. Because I tend to posts things to one social network at a time, being able to round up these posts in one place saves me a lot of effort. I also love that the tags make it easy for me to search through my entries.

Last, I have to comment on the interface design, which, I think, is one of the most beautiful I have seen so far. The use of neutral colors and leather-themed navigation bar makes the app look really classy, and I appreciate the little details like the book spine and notebook paper background.

You can import feeds from social network to keep as journal entries


Journaling may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy recording their lives, Momento is the best app out there to help you do it. As someone who knows personally how hard it is to keep a journal, Momento has made it easier for me to write diligently. The features offered by the app are superb and set it apart from similar apps. Highly recommended.

Momento is available for iPhone
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