Note: This is a guest post by my lovely wife Sofia of how she thinks of Drafts. I didn't explain anything to her, not how to use/maximize the app nor what the app is all about. She finished this review using Drafts while being treated for typhoid in the hospital and I couldn't be more proud of her. I hope you'll enjoy this fresh look of a power app from a casual user.

Human beings are very unique compared to other living beings in that we have the gift of creating new ideas to enrich our lives. These ideas can also come to us by surprise, and often we are unable to jot them down because we don't have a computer or a pen with us.

Luckily for us who are living in the iPhone era, we have the luxury of a powerful computer device that's always within arm's reach. This alone makes the iPhone a perfect tool for recording ideas whenever they pop up. The only thing that we need now is a perfect app that understands our situation. Based on my experience using Drafts over the past two weeks, I find that it fits this role perfectly.

Share.Drafts allows you to share your work to many networks.

An Idea Worth Noting

I have to say that I'm not a power user like my husband, but I can reap many benefits from always having Drafts ready everywhere I am. Not only meeting notes, but many of my sudden ideas now have a place to live.

Before I used Drafts, I depended on my desktop to keep track of my ideas. I would open up a new text file every time I need to write something down quickly and save it on my hard drive. However, this created a new problem where the files would clutter my computer. It was also difficult to differentiate drafts from the completed ones. That's not going to happen with Drafts. From the time I open the app, I already know that these are drafts, which makes it easier for me to distinguish them from other notes/docs in my iPhone.

When I'm ready to move on to the next stage, Drafts allows me to send my saved notes to my email address. I find this workflow and the overall experience of the app very easy to learn and use.

Save and repeat.Manage actions easily from the Settings screen.


I would recommend Drafts to anyone who is always on the go and on the lookout for new ideas. If you fall into this category, I'm sure you will reap the benefits from having Drafts everywhere you go.