Tap The Frog 2

I must admit, I don't like frogs. I don't know if it's the gooey skin or the goggly eyes, but something about them really creeps me out. I panicked when my teacher made us dissect frogs during Biology. On rainy days, I go out of my way to avoid wet grounds in fear that a frog might sneak up on me. I don't even really like Kermit.

So, with my (somewhat irrational) fear/hatred of frogs, it's kind of funny that I would ever download a game called Tap The Frogs 2. Even funnier thing is, I really enjoyed it!

Feed the frog as many fruits as possible to earn a higher score

Tap ALL the frogs!

Tap The Frog 2 is a collection of reflex-based mini games featuring, well, frogs. The hero of the story is a little green fella who attempts to woo the frog lady of his dream by going on an adventure that spans from his home pond to outer space.

The app has 11 mini games that you can choose from, each with their own unique and fun mission. In one game, you control a conveyor belt that feeds the frog with different fruits, in the next you try to pop as many frogs as you can in a given time. In another, you arrange falling blocks to form the highest apartment tower. There is even a multiplayer one in which you and a friend duel as sumo-wrestling frogs. These games are fairly simple to play; the only thing you need to do to control a game is to tap on the screen (hence the app's name).

What really makes Tap The Frog 2 shines is its scoring and achievement system, which I think is cleverly designed to keep the players replaying the games. You are scored based on how well you perform a mission, which usually involves tapping on the screen as quickly as you can. Based on your score, you can earn one to five stars. In my experience, you can get three stars fairly easily, but earning five will take a fair bit of skill and patience. In addition to stars, Tap The Frog 2 also includes a number of fun achievements that you can unlock; an example is the "Tony Frog" achievement, where you must guide the frog as he rides his skateboard and not hit any obstacles for 100 meters.

Play against a friend in a sumo-wrestling match

Why I love this app

I think Tap the Frog 2 is an wonderful and addictive app. I love that the games are so simple that everyone can play them, and yet tricky enough for the more hardcore players to feel challenged. The incredibly challenging (and sometimes, frustrating) reward and achievement system is a strong point of this app, and it really keeps you on your toes as you try your best to break your own high score.

Personally, I think this app is even more fun when played with others; I played this app over lunch with my friends, and we almost broke my iPad as we brutally tap our fingers on the screen in turn. My iPad screen was totally covered in fingerprints afterwards, but needless to say, we had a great time trying to beat each other's highscores.

Last but not least, I must applaud the app for presenting itself wonderfully. The artwork is really pleasant to look at with its bright, cheerful colors. And, I think the frogs are really cute with their comical eyes and innocent smiles.

With plenty of achievements to unlock, Tap the Frog 2 keeps you coming back from more

The bottom line

Tap the Frog 2 is a fun, addictive game that anyone can enjoy. With its array of simple yet pleasantly frustrating mini games and cute graphics, this game will make an excellent addition to your game collection. Highly recommended!

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