Little Things Forever

As far as I could remember, I have always loved hidden object games. There is something gratifying about being able to sort through heaps things to find my target. Also, when I can do it really quickly, I feel like a ninja.

Ninja aspirations aside, the hidden object game is really a classic that both the young and old can enjoy. Because it has a gentle learning curve, anyone can easily pick it up and play.

Little Things Forever review - A beautiful and relaxing hidden object game.Can you find a list of items amongst this neatly-arranged collage?

Introducing Little Things Forever

There are many hidden object games on the App Store, but Little Things Forever is unique in its focus on simplicity and presentation. There are no storylines or complicated missions here, just hours of serene scavenger hunt.

In each stage of the game, you start off with a list of objects to find amongst a screenful of things. However, instead of these items being placed randomly all over the place, they are arranged neatly and color coded to form a giant collage of an object (a domino piece, a vulture or a cheeseburger for example). This sets Little Things Forever apart. It is also really cool how you can pull back from an array of chaos and (literally) see the bigger picture.

Along with a unique playing field, Little Things Forever also offers three game "modes" that are presented alternately. The first mode offers a relaxing, pressure-free play as the app lets you find things at your own pace. No timer is visible during the game, although you are still timed and rewarded with a puzzle piece if you manage to complete a stage quickly.

In the second mode, you are given one object and a time limit. Once you found the item, the app assigns you with another until your given time runs out. Like the first mode, you can unlock a puzzle piece if you find enough items within the allocated time. This second mode stirs the game up a bit, and based on my personal experience, it also can trigger a sort of frenzy as you scramble to find objects as quickly as humanly possible.

The third mode is quite different from the rest and is only playable when you have collected enough puzzle pieces. Here, you are tasked to assemble the puzzle pieces that you have earned to unlock a new stage to play. There is no timer or scoring in this mode, so you can take your time and relax.

A great thing about Little Things Forever is that it only rewards, never punishes. You can tap on a wrong item and not get penalized, so the gameplay is really stress-free. If you get stuck, you can even press the hint button anytime and the app will gracefully spotlight the area where the item you are looking for is hiding.

Little Things Forever review - It's all in the details.When you zoom in on the screen, there is an amazing amount of details.

What I love about this app

I think Little Things Forever is fantastic in that it offers a fresh take on a classic genre. While other hidden object games try to jam in additional elements to attract players, Little Things Forever keeps things simple and lets game mechanics shine for itself. This, in addition to the ability to randomly generate a list of things to find for every stage, allows the app to have a high level of replayability.

Along with its simple and easy-to-learn mechanics, I also love how the game is presented beautifully. Items are drawn in incredible details that show even in small scales. I can't tell you how many times I have zoomed in to find an object but ended up admiring the wonderful little artworks instead.

In terms of difficulty, would it be surprising if I told you that Little Things Forever is actually more challenging than any other hidden object games I have played? I find it clever how the color of the items allow them to blend in with their surroundings, making them extremely difficult to spot.

Little Things Forever review - Unlock new collages by playing.If you finish a stage fast enough, you can earn puzzle pieces to unlock new stages.


As far as hidden object games go, I think Little Things Forever is one of the best. It is a charming app that makes a wonderful time sink with its relaxing gameplay and beautiful puzzles. If you are a fan of hidden object games, I strongly recommend you to get this one.

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