Fish School HD

It has been a year now since my 3-year-old son, Philip, started using the iPad as his main gadget. Among the many apps that have greatly influenced his growth, Fish School HD is the one that he enjoys most for learning about letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Fish School HD review - Cute app for learning letters, numbers, shapes and colors.Even in its splash screen, the app is full of interactivity.

What the app offers

Fish School HD is an app that is specifically designed for toddlers and infants as they start interacting with the world. It teaches your juniors to recognize letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a fun underwater settings. A school of fish acts as a model for each letter, animating beautifully and smoothly as they move from one letter to the next. The same mechanism is applied when your juniors swipe through the numbers and shapes.

This app has a great level of interactivity to keep your juniors engaged. When it is launched, your juniors will be greeted with an enchanting ABC song. In the splash screen, they can play by popping the eggs that are located at the bottom of the screen.

Fish School HD review - Colorful fish help juniors learn to recognized letters.With a smooth movement, colorful little fishes form letters of the alphabets.

What I am grateful for

In addition to the free play mode and memory matching game, I personally found the ABC song to be the most helpful and influential feature in Philip's growth over the past year. Although he also learns alphabets at his local pre-kindergarten, the app has helped a lot with his letter recognition skill.

In addition, now that Philip's 10-month-old brother Noah is also starting to interact with the iPad, Fish School HD is the first app that I chose to present to him. Noah is now learning to mimic our behaviors including how we interact with the iPad. It only took me two simple taps to show him how he can play with the starfish on the bottom right corner of the splash screen before he learned to do it himself. Like his brother, Noah loves the ABC song and the free play mode.

Fish School HD review - The app teaches about numbers, too.In addition to letters, juniors can learn to recognize numbers.

How the app has influenced Philip's growth

Philip is still 3 months away from his third birthday, yet he is able to recognize letters easily. He loves to spell out all the letters that he comes across each time we go on a family trip. He can remember the sequence from A to Z and he can sing the ABC song flawlessly.

One thing I would advise fellow parents is to introduce this app to your juniors as soon as possible. Philip was able to recognize the alphabets months before he could speak. My advice is to keep the learning process going even when you can't verify the outcome yet. They will eventually pick up the skills and you will enjoy every moment of it.

In addition, due to the large amount of time Philip spent with the app over the past year, Philip has developed a keen interest for fish. He loves watching them as they swim back and forth inside any aquarium we encounter.

Fish School HD review - There are plenty of fish in the sea, and in Fish School HD.Throughout the app, you will find many kinds of fish to entertain your juniors.


Fish School HD is a beautifully done and smoothly animated app. It is the perfect gateway app for infants and toddlers to recognize letters, numbers, shapes and colors. The pleasing ABC song will keep your juniors interested in playing with the app for quite a long time and help them hone their skills. If you are looking for an app that can increase the value of the iPad as an educational gadget for your juniors, this one is a must-have.

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