Solar Walk

Solar Walk is an educational app that allows you to explore our solar system and learn the details about our planet in a very cool and informative way.

Let's go back to the stars.Solar Walk is an interactive and informative app for learning more about our solar system.

What makes it outstanding

First, the app shows you a time-sensitive model of our solar system in a 3D illustration. You can tilt, rotate, zoom and focus on any object while moving the timeline back and forth to see what's happening throughout that time period.

Second, the app fully utilizes the AirPlay mirroring technology. Watching our solar system from multiple viewing angles on the big screen TV is just incredible. Too bad I don't have any 3D TV to experience the cool 3D features of the app.

Finally, the app has a lot of educational contents. There are explanatory videos on various topics, including planet size comparison, day and night, the four seasons, solar eclipse, zodiac constellations. Each subject also has a comprehensive info box that you can refer to for more information.

Comprehensive.The sun as explained in Solar Walk.

What we learn from the app

I vaguely remember how big or small our planet is compared to other planets and the sun, but the illustration in the explanatory videos about the size comparison of all the planets in our solar system is truly helpful. I've never imagined that our planet is so tiny when compared to the sun.

This level of excellence in providing clear explanatory videos really help me to introduce the concept of day and night, multiple phases of the moon, and the solar eclipse phenomenon to my 3-year-old son, Philip.

My son and I also learn about the major satellites that we have orbiting the earth and how our is viewed from their perspectives, the major stars, the geographical location of major cities around the world as they are viewed from outer space and detailed information on each planet, including how each of them gets their names.

Putting things in perspective.Size comparison between the sun and the planets.


Solar Walk is a great app for juniors between the age of 8 and 12 to learn about our solar system. The ability to show a 3D model that can be manipulated through time and via different viewing angles is priceless. This is a must-have app to aid your juniors learn at school and even at home.

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model - Vito Technology Inc.