Alien Buddies

Alien Buddies is a simple activity app for your toddlers that will help them learn about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers, accompanied by the cute alien characters.

Alien Buddies review - Simple activity app for juniors.Save the aliens by matching the number on the spaceship.

What your toddlers can learn

In addition to learning about basic colors, shapes, letters and numbers from 1 to 50, your toddlers will also learn to recognize them by listening to the voice instructions. The "Connect the Dots" gameplay also teaches your toddlers about number sequences from 1 to 15.

In addition, Alien Buddies also offers other games that will keep your toddlers busy, i.e. jigsaw puzzles and free-play sticker books.

Connect the dots and reveal an alien

What irks me

My 3-year-old son, Philip, is always actively asking about everything new he encounters. Throughout the app, you'll encounter different forms of aliens and it irks me that I am unable to name each of these weird aliens.

"One-Eyed Yellow Alien" and "Four-Legged Purple Alien" are a bit too mouthful for him to understand and remember. Maybe if you are a creative parent, you will see this as an opportunity rather than an imperfectness. But I am just not that creative nor consistent enough to assign random names for each alien.

Alien Buddies review - Quirky aliens help your juniors learn.One of the many aliens you will encounter in Alien Buddies

How Philip feels about the app

Philip loves to play with every aspect of the game but once all the matching games have been played for numerous times, he only returns to the game for the jigsaw puzzles. Yet he never gets any satisfaction by my answer each time he completes an alien jigsaw and asks, "Daddy, what's this?".


If you're looking for an activity app for your toddlers, then this is a solid app. But if you're looking to introduce the concept of aliens to your toddlers, I think you'll need a better app than this.

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