Wombi Toys

I think that most kids would beam at the thought of running their own toy workshop. Heck, even I would be excited if I could have a go at that many toys. Aiming to make such a sweet dream come true is Wombi Toys, a digital toy workshop for kids.

Wombi Toys review - A fun digital toy workshop for kids.Repair broken dolls, wind up toy cars, repaint old alphabet blocks and more in your own toy workshop.

Let's Play!

Wombi Toys by Wombi Apps is an interactive app that lets juniors be in charge of their own toy workshop. Assisted by Lampy the friendly robot, juniors build, fix and test various toys that move along the shop's conveyor belt.

Included in the app are 20 different toys that translate into 20 mini games. They are short and simple, like attaching guitar strings by dragging and dropping or winding up a toy car by swiping on screen. The app presents the toys randomly one at a time, so there is an element of surprise every time juniors play.

After five toys have been put together, juniors must put them in a box to be marked as cleared. The workshop will then close to allow juniors to take a short break. If they want to play again, they can pull on the cord to turn on the light and restart the assembly line.

Visual-wise, the app is beautiful with lovely illustrations that make great use warm colors and textures. The app chooses to go language-neutral by not including any written or spoken instructions. Instead, visual cues -- like a wiggle or a flicker -- are used to point out which areas must be touched or moved.

Wombi Toys review - Plenty of toys keep kids busy.The app includes 20 toys that translate into 20 different mini games.

What Parents Need to Know

Wombi Toys is a fun toy app that will suit juniors aged 3-6. As the app does not give out instructions, no reading skills are necessary to play.

As the games included in the app are simple, I believe that most juniors would be able to complete them with little to no help. Some games do have some puzzle elements to them, but they are minimal and still doable.

There is a nice mix of classic and modern toys in the app, which I appreciate. Some of the toys that you will find in the app include a rocking horse, a wind-up toy car, letter blocks, a toy soldier, a gamepad, a handheld game console and even a dinosaur figure that looks a lot like Rex from Toy Story.

Wombi Toys review - Simple and fun games for kids aged 3-6.Aimed for young juniors, the mini games are simple and short.

What I Like About the App

Honestly speaking, I think making toy apps is a complicated affair. It is not easy to create something that is simple yet appealing enough to be played multiple times. However, I think that Wombi Toys have successfully achieved this goal.

The large selection of toys/mini games is a strong point of the app and the developers have done a great job in choosing which activities to include. I like that some games are a little more difficult than the rest -- they keep the app balanced.

I also think that presentation-wise, the app is very well done. The illustrations are appealing for both children and parents, and the use of subtle animations in the background enriches the gaming experience. I also like how the background music is upbeat but not overpowering.

Another thing that I like about the app is how toys are packed in a box after juniors are done fixing them. It's a subtle yet excellent message that teaches juniors to be disciplined and to put things away once they are done with them.

If I had to nitpick, I would suggest that the developers make it so that the games all have equal chances of showing up. I noted that some games tend to appear more frequently than others. I think that it would be nice if it were completely random to keep the app interesting.

Wombi Toys review - Pack 'em up to go.Once the toys have been fixed, they are packed and marked as cleared.


After spending several hours with the app, I can conclude that Wombi Toys is a fun digital toy that will appeal to juniors and even parents. With its large activity base, the app is sure to entertain juniors for hours.

Also, if you liked Wombi Toys, you might want to check out Wombi Christmas Toys (free) which is essentially the same app but with Christmas-themed toys instead.

Wombi Toys - a toy workshop for kids - Wombi Apps

Note: Thank you to the kind folks at Wombi Apps for providing us with the promo code for Wombi Toys so that we could try it out. We really had fun toying around!