Christmas Special Giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed! The winners have been drawn and contacted. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Camila's and my favorite holiday is Christmas. To commemorate this special season, we have decided to do a Christmas Giveaway for you, our wonderful readers. We feel really blessed to be able to write about the things that we care about this past six months, and we want to share this blessing with all of you.

The Prizes

We'll be giving away one $15 iTunes (US) gift card and five promo codes for five apps that we handpicked specially for this event. These five apps represent the five categories of reviews that we post most often on our site, i.e., alphabet apps, storybooks, math apps, musical apps and other educational apps.

Wee Alphas. A fun alphabet app that Apple featured in the video for the iPad Mini launch. It is also one of the most beautiful app for introducing juniors to animals.

Animal SnApp: Farm. A delightful 6-in-1 storybook with beautiful illustrations and top notch animations. The stories are adorable and make a great reading material for young readers.

Number Run. A fun app for practicing basic arithmetic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Even adults would still enjoy playing this side-scrolling endless runner.

Toca Band. A great app to learn about music, sounds and rhythm. I personally think that this cute and creative app is one of the best apps from Toca Boca.

Intro to Geography - North America. This app has earned a special spot in my heart. I have considered myself to be quite good in geography, but the way this app teaches me about the geography in North America just blows my mind.

Our Partners

We would like to thank the wonderful developers who provided the promo codes for our special giveaway:

  1. Wee Society. Wee Society has one of the most beautiful websites and About Us page that I have ever seen. Do check out their Wee Alphas prints that demonstrate how packaging design can be both beautiful and useful. It's really inspiring to see what they have done.

  2. Nosy Crow. Nosy Crow is a team of developers, designers and authors that has gained popularity in the educational apps scene. The wonderful people behind the company really love books, so it's no wonder that they could design and write excellent storybook apps. You really need to read this post where Kate Wilson, their Managing Director, tells the story behind the company.

  3. Ignacio and Kris. When you're a small team of indie developers, it's always a challenge to juggle between creating the best apps for your audience and managing your startup. I like to support startups in whatever ways I can because I want to see them succeed and continue to create wonderful things that we can enjoy. If you love Number Run, I suggest you give Ignacio and Kris a shout out to let them know that you support their works too.

  4. Toca Boca. Toca Boca is my favorite team of developers because their apps are high quality and ingeniously creative. I can't wait to play with their next app, Toca Hair Salon 2, which is scheduled for release on Dec 13. Take a peek into this trailer video to see what the app is all about.

  5. Montessorium. Bobby George is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. He sometimes shares thought-provoking posts on his blog about rethinking education for our juniors. I haven't tried all their apps yet, but I know for sure that the latest 2.0 update to Alpha Writer is amazing. You should definitely check it out.

How to Participate

To participate in our giveaway, head over to our Christmas Giveaway Form to submit an entry. The giveaway will end on Dec 16, 2012. We will pick the winners randomly and announce them on Dec 17, 2012.

We are very excited about this giveaway and we hope you are too. If you think you have friends and families who can benefit from this giveaway, please do not hesitate to share this with them.

Happy holidays!