Game Your Video

The App Store is filled with plenty of apps that can assist you in editing your photographs, but when it comes to video editing, there isn't as many choices. Today, I will share about an awesome app that allows you to edit your video in a fun and easy way entitled Game Your Video. I actually bought the app almost 9 months ago but thought that now might be a good time to write a review because of the upcoming Christmas holiday. Plus, the app just received an update a couple of days ago.

Edit your video the fun way.Game Your Video is a simple app for editing your video real time.

Hit Record

Game Your Video is an iPhone app that allows you to edit your videos in a fun game-like environment. Using the app, you can individually apply motion effects, audio transformations and filters to your video or choose from 10 flavor themes as the basic editing scheme for your videos.

The app also allows you to cut, combine or reverse your videos. There is also an option to select a song from your iTunes library as a background track.

When you are done editing, you can publish your video to YouTube and Facebook, or save it in the Camera Roll. All videos edited by the app will be saved in the in-app Library. You can edit them further or mash them up with other videos.

The app also allows you to have access to the "I Did This" online community where Game Your Video users share their creations. This allows you to see what others are creating and be inspired by their work.

Editing Your Video

To start editing, simply select a video from your Camera Roll or the in-app library. You will be prompted to select one of the built-in flavor themes or choose your own combinations of effects, audio transformations and video filters. You can also select a song in your iTunes library to use as background music, overriding the original audio.

Once you have selected the basic scheme for your video, you're ready to edit on the fly. But first, I suggest you to swipe the bottom bar that contains all the motion effects that you can apply to your video. Getting familiar with them will help you as you will be editing your video in real-time.

As soon as you tap the Play button, your video will play. You can tap on any effect that you want to apply on the video and the app will apply it until you toggle it off or choose a new one.

Just remember that this is not a one-time process; you can play the video as many times as you want to preview your current edits or add new effects. You can also pause the video to remove any effects that you don't like.

For each frame of the video, you can only apply a single motion effect and a single audio transformation. Thus, if you have already selected to slow the motion of a certain sequence of frames, you won't be able to shake, spin, zoom or apply any other motion effect to those frames. The same rule stands for the audio transformation.

The only trick that I'd suggest is to apply the timing effects, such as fast or slow, on your first run. Save the video and restart the editing process with the newly timeframe-edited video. Then, you can start applying the other motion effects. You can always repeat this process for as many times as you like.

Make things pretty in one simple step.You can choose individual effects or choose from one of the app's included flavors.

What I Like

I really love the way the app allows you to apply themes and motion effects while capturing a new video. Choose the camera icon on the top left corner of the menu to start the fun. I personally love the way pixelate effect works on a live video capturing -- it is just amazing.

The second feature that I love most is the ability to record your own voice over the video that you're editing. It's always nice to have a background music, but having your own custom narration beats it by a mile. If you want to combine them, you can have your desktop play a background music while you're recording your voice over the video.

Finally, I really like the way you could reverse your video. Ideas like running backwards, materializing things out of thin air, or doing something that is against gravity are just easier to bring to life with this app. My suggestion is to be creative and knock yourself out.

Dynamic and fun.Since version 1.5, Game Your Video supports split screen videos.

New in 1.5: Split Screen

Game Your Video introduces a new Split Screen feature that allows you to put two videos side-by-side with the release of its 1.5 version. This is perfect for a comparison video or simply mashing up two videos of your juniors. I'd suggest keeping the length of both videos roughly the same to avoid one video fading to black prior to the other and to ease the editing process.


Game Your Video is one of the best video editing apps on the App Store. It has a unique way to easily apply motion effects, audio transformations and video filters to your video. The ability to apply it on live video capture is just mindblowing. I believe that it is one of the must-have apps for every iPhone users.

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