Pete and the Secret of Flying

As a parent, I am on a constant lookout for great storybook apps. I view them as the perfect gateway to trigger deep discussions with my juniors, especially when it comes to their emotions and passions. I also personally think that it is more important for a story to be relatable than just having a good moral story.

Today, I will share about a fun little story entitled Pete and the Secret of Flying that imagines birds as non-flying creatures.

Are dreams impossible to follow?Pete and the Secret of Flying is the story of a young bird who insists on flying even when his parents tell him that he couldn't.

The Storyline

Once upon a time, all birds walked on the ground, including a little yellow bird named Pete. However, unlike other birds, Pete didn't want to accept the belief that birds could not fly. His mom told him that wings were not used for flying; rather, they were used to hide their beak when they sleep, to show off at bird parties and to protect themselves from rain.

Refusing to accept this belief, Pete decided to sneak out during a full-moon night. He walked into the woods and encountered a fir tree that invited him to climb up and play. Responding to the invitation, Pete climbed up until he reached the highest branches.

The view on top was very beautiful. The wind whispered to him, asking him to play. After watching how the clouds moved and imagining himself playing with them, Pete decided to jump despite the fir tree's concern.

Fortunately, Pete managed spread his wings just in time to avoid the ground. He flapped his wings and felt the wind lifted him up. Soon, he was already up in the clouds and learned many new flying tricks.

When the morning came, the other birds discovered that Pete was flying. They watched in awe and soon, the young birds started to imitate him. All the parents were shocked, until Pete showed his own parents how to fly. Soon afterwards, all birds were able to fly, thanks to Pete.

A visual treat.The app has a high production value, with beautiful visuals, animations and sound effects.

What Parents Need to Know

Pete and the Secret of Flying has a good storyline that encourages juniors to pursue their dreams even when everyone -- including we parents -- tell them that it wasn't possible. The story shows how believing in our dreams can yield success. It will take a great deal of courage, but some dreams are worth the effort and sacrifice.

The story also teaches your juniors to question the status quo, by not blindingly accepting a common myth or FUD. They should always try to see problems from a different perspective, so that they can break limitations and explore many possibilities.

Finally, the story also shows to our juniors that sharing their knowledge with others can encourage the whole society to advance, and that they too can bring a revolutionary change to their generations.

Bold and beautiful.The app makes great use of typography to emphasize on important parts of the story.

What I Liked

Pete and the Secret of Flying is a great book that will easily fit juniors aged 2 and up. I like that it provides a simple set of instructions at the beginning of the book to help the reader navigate the app. Moving between pages is simple, and the menu is easily accessible using the button on the bottom of the page.

The app has a high-quality production value that can be seen from the playful interactivity as well as the beautiful graphics, sound effects and animations. I personally like how the app uses typography to tell the stories. Using a single font family, the app is able to mix various font weight, size and color to emphasize certain parts of the story. This is very useful especially when you decide to turn the voices off. Even though you can turn off the text, I believe that the beautiful typography brings a good impact to the overall experience.

Work hard and follow your dreams.When you persist on your dreams and work hard to make them come true, great success will follow.


Pete and the Secret of Flying is a high quality storybook app with beautiful graphics as well as fun sound effects and animations. More importantly, it delivers liberating lessons: pursue your dreams in life no matter how impossible they may seem, always question the status-quo and encourage positive changes. I highly recommend this app for parents who want to see their juniors become future leaders.

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