Splash Money

Unless you are planning to live on a deserted island, everyone of us should at least know how to recognize currency and perform cash-related calculations. Today, I will share about an app that is dedicated to help your juniors learn about coins and bills, entitled Splash Money.

Splash Money review - An app for introducing money to kids.Splash Money introduces eight comprehensive topics for learning about money.

Splash Money

Splash Money is an app designed to help juniors self-study US coins and bills that they would encounter on a daily basis. It is developed by the same team that brought us the Splash Math series and Tell Time. The app focuses on US currencies, so it is best suited for juniors aged 4-9 who are currently residing in the US.

Throughout the app, your juniors will learn to identify various US coins, from pennies and nickels to quarters and half-dollars, by their faces and dimensions. Then, they would learn about each of the coin's value, counting them up to make certain amounts, adding and subtracting, and counting change. Even though the app only introduces the $1 bill, it is enough to illustrate many basic money-related calculations.

The developer divides these lessons into eight different topics to allow a smoother learning curve for your juniors. Each topic has a step-by-step lesson and a set of questions to test their understanding. As a reward for correctly answering these test questions, your juniors would collect coins. They can use the coins to buy accessories for the monkey, the app's mascot, in the Monkey Makeover section.

Splash Money review - The app has interactive and well-designed lessons.At the end of each topic, the app provides quizzes to test the juniors' knowledge.

What Parents Need to Know

Similar to their previous app, Tell Time, Splash Money orients heavily on lessons, thus it is great for self-study. I personally find them comprehensive and thorough. They have plenty of real-world examples that juniors can relate to, such as counting the amount of money inside a piggy bank to determine whether there is enough money to buy a wanted toy.

It should be noted that although the test questions are designed to match the learning curves, they are quite difficult to solve mentally. As the app does not provide any way to help your juniors to count, I would recommend providing a pen and a piece of paper to help them work through the test questions.

A neat feature of the app is a weekly e-mail report that you can subscribe to receive reports on your juniors' progress. The report is optional, and is currently available for a single user only. Fortunately, the developers have confirmed in a recent interview that they will be adding support for multiple users.

Splash Money review - The lessons are interactive and well-designed.Juniors can tap on coins to flip them over and remember both faces.

What I Like

I think that Splash Money provides detailed and structured lessons. You can, for example, tap on coins to flip them over. This allows juniors to learn how to recognize the coins regardless which sides they see.

Another example that I like is the use of numbered chart to help juniors visualize the amount of money provided without getting overwhelmed by the number of coins that they have to deal with. The app teaches juniors to start counting from coins with bigger values first to make mental calculation easier, and it allows them to drag a coin on top of another to swap their order.

Finally, I like how Splash Money provides contextual information when a question is answered incorrectly. Thus, your juniors can still learn even though they have finished going through the lessons.

Splash Money review - The app also rewards juniors for performing well.Coins collected by taking quizzes can be used to buy accessories for the app's mascot Monkey.


Splash Money is a great app for introducing juniors to US coins and bills. If only the app provides add a way for juniors to perform calculations within the app, it would be perfect.

By the way, a lite version of Splash Money is also available on the App Store. In it, you can try the first chapter, Identify Coins, for free while the rest are locked and can be previewed.

Splash Money: Counting Coins and Bills - StudyPad, Inc.

Note: Thank you to the wonderful people at StudyPad, Inc. for providing us with a promo code so that I can test and review the app. Now, I'm looking forward for an update that will feature other popular international currencies.