30 Best Apps for Traveling with Kids

Road trips with kids can be rough when they get bored and start throwing tantrums. A tablet loaded with your kids’ favorite apps can help keep them happy, and take a load off mom and dad’s shoulders.

Below, we list our favorite apps to keep kids entertained while traveling. There is an app for every age, so hopefully you can find something suitable for your kids. We also made sure each app is usable while offline, so you can bring them on a flight or wherever without having to worry about data charges.

Sago Mini Road Trip is an open-ended driving game suitable for toddlers

Sago Mini Road Trip is an open-ended driving game suitable for toddlers

Ages 1-2

Caspar Babypants Music Time!


A fun and interactive music app that lets kids explore their musicality. The instruments are automatically tuned so that your child is always in key. The app’s initial download includes 16 tracks, and you can expand the song library with Caspar Babypants albums you already own.

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Sago Mini World


Sago Mini World puts 20+ kid-friendly, award-winning games in one convenient app. Parents can pre-download the games so kids can play later without WiFi or internet. With exclusive content updated monthly, this app is sure to provide endless hours of fun for curios kids.

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Nampa Holiday


Nampa Holiday will put your kids in a happy mood all year long. With holiday-themed activities, rich visuals, and disco dancing, the app is an excellent source of entertainment for every toddler.

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Age 3

Zen Studio


A finger-painting app that helps kids relax and focus through geometric-based creation. Kids can follow step-by-step tutorials to draw beautiful designs or create new drawings from scratch using the simple interface. Calm, soothing music accompanies them as they draw.

Note: This app is free to download, and includes 9 free tutorials. A one-time in-app purchase (IAP) is required to unlock more than 60 tutorials and an unlimited number of user profiles and canvases.

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Labo Brick Car


An open-ended app in which kids build whimsical cars without the need to lug around toy bricks. They then take their creations on a test drive through challenging courses. With many templates, car parts, and driving courses, this app will provide hours of excitement for the car-loving child.

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Duckie Deck Giggle Glass


Giggle Glass literally alters your child's view of the world around them. This camera app has many silly filters that lets kids take imaginative snapshots. With a simple, one-touch interface, it's easy to use by small children.

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Toca Life: Vacation


A digital dollhouse that makes every day a vacation adventure. With many characters to play with and lots of surprises to discover, kids will never run of stories to tell. Also included is a recording feature to create an original video, which they can share later.

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In Hoopa City 2, kids can create bustling cities using a simple interface

In Hoopa City 2, kids can create bustling cities using a simple interface

Age 4

Fun on the Farm


This app offers board games that can be played by two people on the same device. There are 5 games in all, including domino, air hockey, and lotto. Each game has been designed to be simple enough for small children to pick up while providing challenges for older kids as well.

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Hoopa City


A fun city planning game that emphasizes on discovery and experimentation. Kids can combine basic materials to create 60+ objects, including skyscrapers, airports, shops, and more. Older kids will like the discovery aspect of the game, while younger kids will delight in the adorable animations.

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Hoopa City 2


The anticipated sequel to Hoopa City, Hoopa City 2 is bigger and better than ever. Like its prequel, there are no rules or objectives to worry about so kids can create the city of their dreams.

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The Robot Factory


Imagination runs free as kids build their dream bots in this beautiful robot factory. They can mix and match 50+ robot parts to experiment with different designs, then see if their construction holds up in the treacherous test arena. The app supports multiple profiles, so more than one child can play on the same device.

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Fiete Math


Fiete Math makes counting easy for kids to understand. In this app, numbers are touchable objects that kids can group, combine, and cut up. The app includes over 1,000 consecutive tasks using numbers up to 30, so there are enough challenges to keep kids busy.

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Toca Blocks is a fun building game where kids create imaginative worlds from colorful blocks

Toca Blocks is a fun building game where kids create imaginative worlds from colorful blocks

Age 5

Thinkrolls & Thinkrolls 2


A tactile platform game in which kids learn physical concepts through 180+ challenging levels. As they play, they also develop their problem solving skills. Thinkrolls 2, the eagerly-awaited sequel of Thinkrolls, features 235 new levels and 28 characters.

Link for Thinkrolls: App Store | Our Review
Link for Thinkrolls 2: App Store | Our Review

Toca Blocks


A fun app that lets kids build magical worlds from colorful blocks. Similar to crafting in Minecraft, blocks can be combined to create new, interesting types. The blocks can then be used to create interactive worlds. If your kids love building games, Toca Blocks is a must-have.

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Fiete Choice


Fiete Choice explores the concept of finding the odd one out of a series of pictures. With a great sense of humor and 99 diverse levels, the app offers a thorough playing and learning experience. It’s great for developing logical thinking and concentration.

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Age 6

Word Magic


Word Magic offers a way for kids to improve their English vocabulary while having fun. It puts a twist on the classic word game by giving players an easy-to-understand descriptions after they find a word. What is even better is that the puzzles are randomly generated, meaning the app can be replayed many times.

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King of Karts


King of Karts has all the elements of a fun racing game: challenging course designs, easy controls, and great graphics. It has a bit of cartoonish mischief as racers try to sabotage each other with various power-ups: from rubber balls that can be lobbed at other racers to crayon scribbles that temporarily obscure windshields. Overall, it’s great fun for everyone.

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Jump Numbers


In Jump Numbers, children practice skip counting and mental math as they squish numbers together. The gameplay is designed well so that even younger players will be able to learn it right away. More importantly, it feels like an actual game instead of a math drill. The adaptive game engine allows players to be challenged according to their skill level, and extends the app’s replay value.

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Professor Astro cat's Solar System invites kids on an educational trip across the galaxy

Professor Astro cat's Solar System invites kids on an educational trip across the galaxy

Age 7

Patchmania Kids


A new and vibrant edition of the popular path-drawing puzzle game Patchmania. This pay-once-and-play version has 625 original puzzles, no third-party ads, and no in-app purchases so it is suitable for kids. Other child-friendly features include unlimited lives and hints and new story elements.

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Shape Arts: Geometry Creations


Shape Arts builds geometry skills, creativity, and problem-solving ability through hundreds of math-based puzzles. Kids combine various shapes to create colorful geometric creatures, and even turn their creations into puzzles for others to solve. The app works offline and online, so it’s great to have during travels.

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Professor Astro Cat's Solar System


In Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System, kids embark on an educational adventure to learn cool facts about the galaxy. They will discover about the planets, test their knowledge in jetpack challenges, and build a rocket using won parts. The app has a lot of depth and kid appeal, which makes it ideal for young learners with a keen interest in all things space.

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Age 8

Weirdwood Manor


Weirdwood Manor combines magic and mystery in a thrilling series created for ages 8+. The fantasy elements immerse readers in the plot, while interactive puzzles scattered throughout the books keep them engaged from start to end. If you appreciate apps with great production value, this one is definitely a must-have.

Note: The initial download includes Book 1 & 2 only. The other books can be unlocked via in-app purchases. All books must be downloaded prior to using.

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The Foos


The Foos is a fun game that introduces kids the basics of computer programming. Kids don’t actually write code in the app, but instead they drag and drop picture blocks to control cartoon characters. The app encourages creativity and problem solving, and teaches valuable concepts such as sequencing, commands and parameters, loops, and conditional statements.

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Seedling Comic Studio


Seedling Comic Studio lets kids create comic strips featuring their own pictures. They can choose a layout, take photos from within the app, then add words, stickers, and backgrounds to bring their story to life. Even though the app provides limited instructions on how to use the tools, they are fairly simple to grasp.

Note: The app includes three full themes for free, with more available for in-app purchase.

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Ubongo Puzzle Challenge


Ubongo Puzzle Challenge is a fast-paced puzzle game where you sprint to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more jewels you collect. The game helps improve visual thinking in 3 different single-player modes, and offers more than 6,000 random levels. If you have Internet access, you can also try competing against other players online.

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Zoombinis stimulates logical thinking through tricky puzzles

Zoombinis stimulates logical thinking through tricky puzzles

Ages 9-11



LogicCity provides 100+ Sudoku-like puzzles to build logical thinking and problem solving skills. The difficulty level goes from easy to expert, and can be fun for both the casual gamer and the hardcore puzzle lover. Worth checking out if your kids love puzzles and strategy board games.

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In Zoombinis, players guide small, blue creatures to their new home. Along the way they must use logic, gather clues, and hone problem solving skills to overcome puzzling obstacles. Twelve puzzles with 4 levels of increasing difficulty, a great narrative, and memorable characters make this game an engaging and challenging experience for all.

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Niko and the Sword of Light


An animated graphic novel about a young boy’s fight against the forces of darkness. The story has lots of action and great morals, plus it is set to a cinematic soundtrack. If your child loves adventure stories, this app is a must-try.

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Age 12+

Sleep Furiously


Sleep Furiously is a unique puzzle game where you connect jumbled words to form grammatically correct sentences. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; underneath its whimsical appearance it demands an acute grammar sense. If your child love word games, you should check the app out.

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Monument Valley


Monument Valley is a beautiful puzzle game in which the player manipulates impossible architectures to guide a silent character across surreal landscapes. Each chapter has a unique design, and together they create a stunning work of art. There is a gentle learning curve, so both kids and grown-ups can enjoy this game.

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Rules! is a fun little game that challenges your brain. It is simple to play but difficult to master, and once you’ve learned the rules of the game you’d want to play it over and over again. It’s great for travel because each session can be as short as several minutes or as long as an hour depending on how much time you have.

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