Hilda Bewildered is a Thought-Provoking Graphic Story for Teens

Hilda Bewildered is a fantastic graphic story for teens that explores various social issues

Despite the App Store being home to lots of wonderful, interactive books, most of the available titles are geared towards ages 6 and below. On the contrary, book apps for older children are rare. In the three years that we’ve been reviewing apps, we have only written about a handful of book apps for adolescents. Among these was The Artifacts, a poignant tale about a boy who has to cope with losing his immense collections of things after moving to a new home.

Today, I want to introduce you to a new book app that is just as fantastic as The Artifacts. It’s made by the same developer, and titled Hilda Bewildered. It is a deeply provoking story about an European princess and her imaginary doppelgänger, whom she devises to escape the pressures of being a celebrity.

The Plot

In a non-specified European country, Princess Hilda is to deliver a speech as a rite of passage. The thought of speaking in front of a live audience terrifies her, so she conjures an alter-ego, the “Other Hilda”, a petty pickpocket who goes unnoticed in a crowd.

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