Is the Witch in Love? Help Her Understand the Feeling

To charm the Sorcerer Merlinor, the Witch goes all out to change her appearance.

The topic of falling in love is definitely not for kids. But, kids who are approaching their teenage years may already be familiar with the concept. Perhaps this group of audience is the main target for Slim Cricket, the developer of series such as The Witch with No Name and Peepo the Elf, when they developed their next storybook: Is the Witch in Love?

It’s based on the fact that the Witch has never been in love before. In this story, she goes all out to find the love of her life with the help of her bat friend Batina.

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Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings Wants to Help Kids Learn about Their Feelings

Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings includes 18 music videos to show examples of how Daniel and his friends are experiencing the different feelings.

My boys love the Daniel Tiger TV series. Maybe it’s the fact that Daniel is a four-year-old tiger that makes the stories easy for my kids to relate to. They also enjoy playing the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood apps. The first app, called Play at Home, lets kids get familiar with Daniel and his home. The second app, Day & Night, focuses more on his morning and night routines.

Just recently, PBS Kids released a brand new Daniel Tiger’s app called Grr-ific Feelings. It is designed to help kids learn more about their feelings through various examples in Daniel’s life.

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The UnStealer is an Undoubtedly Amusing Story

Ever felt like you’re unhappy or unfunny, undecided or unconfident? Perhaps you need a visit from the UnStealer, the titular character of our app choice for today.

Meet the UnStealer. He steals and collects ‘uns’.

An Unlikely Hero

Created by husband-wife team Joshua and Donna Wilson, The UnStealer is an interactive story about an unlikely figure with good intentions. Known only as the UnStealer, the mysterious man steals and collects all kinds of ‘uns’: big or small, black and white or in color, bold or italicized, uppercase or lowercase.

Whenever there’s a negative word around, the UnStealer is sure to swing by. First, he crashes Melody Singsong’s birthday party, and turns the unhappy and unfunny clown’s performance into a big success. Next, he helps the undecided and unconfident Miss Garmentina pick a cute outfit for her date. Finally, he steals Chomper the unfriendly dog’s urge to be rude to everyone and transforms him into a loyal companion!

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I Love You All The Time

Before we know it, Christmas is already around the corner. My favorite season of the year, Christmas is a special time for getting together with friends and family and reminding ourselves that we are loved.

Speaking of feeling loved, today I have a great storybook to share with you. It's called I Love You All The Time, which is just as adorable as the title suggests.

I Love You All The Time review - An adorable story with a great message.I Love You All The Time is about parents' unconditional love for their children.

I Love You Thiiiis Much

I Love You All The Time is a storybook app that was adapted from a popular children's book of the same name by twin sisters Jessica Elin Hirschman and Jennifer Elin Cole. Using a family of bears as an illustration, the story tells of the unconditional love that parents feel for their children.

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Wince - Don't Feed the Worry Bug

As a parent, sometimes I am trapped with an imbalanced set of goals when it comes to my juniors' growth. It is certainly much easier to measure the growth of their cognitive skills instead of their emotional wellness. Sometimes, we need a better tool to help us understand what is going on inside their heads.

Today I would like to share about a brand new storybook app that I believe would be able to assist parents in starting discussions with their juniors about emotions, especially worry. It is called Wince - Don't Feed the Worry Bug and is suitable for juniors aged 6-11. The story is written and illustrated by Andi Green, an industry-acclaimed storyteller with a great passion to guide juniors to learn more about their emotions.

Wince - Don't Feed the Worry Bug review - A unique storybook app for teaching juniors to stop being anxious.All Wince does is nothing but worry.

The Storyline

The story starts with a little blue monster named Wince who is enjoying a wonderful afternoon at the park. Known as the worrywart, it is not long before Wince starts worrying about many things. From homework and home chores to cookies for the upcoming festival and even the weather forecast, he fills his day with worries.

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