Playdate with Miaomiao Offers Videos and Games for Preschool Kids to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Playdate with Miaomiao Offers Videos and Games for Preschool Kids to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Playdates provide kids with a great opportunity to socialize with others their age and learn new things. Inspired by the excitement of playdates, Mark Media has created an app called Playdate with Miaomiao.

It’s an entertaining app that combines mini games and brand new episodes from the Miaomiao animated TV series for preschool children. But it’s not just fun and games; in each episode, kids can also learn beginner vocabulary words in Miaomiao’s second language: Mandarin Chinese.

Play and Learn with Miaomiao and Friends

When you download Playdate with Miaomiao, you get 2 mini-games and 1 animated episode for free. There are also 4 other episodes that can be unlocked via in-app purchase. (Worry not, the purchase can only be made from the gated Grown-Ups’ section.)

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Teach Kids Basic Skills in Spanish With Juana la Iguana en la Granja

Teach Kids Basic Skills in Spanish With Juana la Iguana en la Granja

There are basic skills that every child should learn regardless of the language they speak. For example, counting and recognizing letters. The secret to helping your child master these skills is by letting them have fun as they learn.

Today, I want to show you a fun app that aims to help Spanish-speaking preschoolers learn and practice basic skills. It’s called Juana la Iguana en la Granja.

Aprende con Juana

In Juana la Iguana en la Granja, there are 4 different activities to help kids learn their basic skills. Each activity flows right into the next. The titular character, Juana the Iguana, narrates each activity in Spanish. She also occasionally breaks into a dance to motivate you to learn.

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Explore Homes from around the World in Tinybop's Homes App

The Mongolian ger, also known as a yurt

Have you ever wondered what kind of homes people on the other side of the world are living in? I have. A person’s home can tell a lot about their life and culture, both of which are interesting topics for me.

Today, I’d like to share with you a special app called Homes. Developed by Tinybop, it’s an open-ended interactive playscape in which kids explore four unique homes from around the world: the Guatemalan adobe, the Brooklyn brownstone, the Yemeni tower house, and the Mongolian ger (yurt).

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Little Lamb in Amsterdam Takes Kids on a Guided Trip Around the Netherlands

Many people love to travel, myself included. When we visit a new place, we learn the stories behind it and its surrounding cultures. When we return home, we would tell our version of these stories to our friends and family.

I haven’t been to the Netherlands, so my kids and I were excited when Josh and Donna contacted us about their app Little Lamb in Amsterdam. It’s a lovely storybook they created based on their visit to Amsterdam in 2005. With a curious little lamb as the main character, many kids would find the story easy to relate to.

Little Lamb in Amsterdam is a guided tour around the Netherlands from the perspective of a curious little lamb.

From Markem to Amsterdam

The story starts with a little lamb who is curious to see the world outside her farm gates. With her mother’s blessing, she goes on a bike trip around the country. Starting from her farm in Markem, the little lamb visits many places and learns new things until she arrives in Amsterdam.

On each of the 24 pages, kids can perform a swipe up gesture to reveal a toolbar containing related fun facts. For example, as the little lamb arrives in Volendam, kids can also learn about the Hollandse Nieuwe — a tradition where people eat raw herrings by holding the fish by its tail.

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Learn English with Christmas Games in Pili Pop Christmas

Finding good quality Christmas-themed apps is not an easy task. I have been trying my best over the past few days, but there’s not many I can find. I suggest checking out our recommendations from last year: Christmas Song Machine, Don’t Open Before Christmas, and Moving Christmas. For a more recent list, I recommend Helen Dineen’s curation.

Now, out of the several good Christmas apps that I did find, today I want to highlight the one that is unique: Pili Pop Christmas. It is a new Christmas-themed app based on a very successful app: Pili Pop aka Babble Planet. Pili Pop is a great app for ESL students ages 6+ to learn English. Using four cultural-themed levels and interactive mini games, juniors can practice their English speaking and listening skills.

Pili Pop Christmas helps ESL kids learn Christmas-themed words

Four Christmas-themed Games to Learn English

Pili Pop Christmas consists of four mini games that revolve around Christmas-themed activities. Just like in the original app, juniors can learn about numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables, and clothes by playing the games. Two of the games require juniors to identify objects based on verbal instructions, whereas the other two games require them to practice their English speaking by identifying numbers and colors.

In the first game, juniors are asked to help Mary dress her friends by dragging the matching outfit according to her instruction. Juniors can learn to distinguish a winter coat from a jacket, and slippers from shoes. In 90 seconds, juniors are asked to get as many correct answers as possible.

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