Slice Fractions 2 is a Fun Way to Learn About Fraction Concepts

Slice Fractions 2 is a Fun Way to Learn About Fraction Concepts

Learning fractions doesn't have to be boring or difficult. Slice Fractions 2 makes the case for having fun while learning fundamental math concepts. This fantastic app is the sequel to the award-winning game Slice Fractions. Like its prequel, it has has rich visuals, an exciting gameplay, and clever puzzles to improve kids' conceptual understanding of fractions. What's new are the unique mechanics that add a layer of complexity to the game.

Tap and Slice to Clear the Path

In Slice Fractions 2, kids help a cute mammoth get his stolen hat back through over 100 puzzles set across three colorful worlds. The goal in each puzzle is to create help the mammoth move across the screen by strategically tapping snails, adorable ghosts, or other friendly creatures. As they play, kids learn important fractions concepts such as part-whole partitioning, equivalent fractions, common denominator, and fraction multiplication.

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Slice Fractions Gets Kids Learning About Fractions

I honestly can’t remember how I learned fractions, but I’m sure it was far from fun and engaging. Kids these days are very fortunate to have access to great learning tools: educational apps such as Slice Fractions.

Slice Fractions is a new app from Ululab which introduces the concepts of fractions through 60 levels of puzzles. The puzzles are designed as a problem solving activity to help a young mammoth find a path to his beloved.

Kids help the mammoth clear the path using fractions

Pop and Slice to Clear the Path

On his journey, the young mammoth will face many obstacles such as fire/ice blocks and large gaps in the road. Kids must apply logic to clear these obstacles: to clear an ice block, for example, they have to hit it with a fire block of the same size, and vice versa.

To make things more challenging, the blocks are usually tied to a chain or being held back by a small bubble. The chain itself is anchored to a small bubble. As you progress through the early stages, you will learn to pop these bubbles in a timely and correct order to steer the block’s movement across the terrain, and clear the path for the young mammoth.

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