They say that life is a box of chocolate and that you never know what you're gonna get. For instance, you may just get… dinosaur eggs? In Dino-Store, we find an amusing tale of a father and his son who unexpectedly stumble upon a dozen of dinosaur eggs at a grocery store.

A surprising encounter.Dino-Store is a lighthearted tale of a father and a son who find a dozen of dinosaur eggs at the grocery store.

Which Comes First, the Dinosaur or the Egg?

One day, as Leo and his father are shopping at the grocery store, they are surprised to find different kinds of eggs. After considering eggs of different colors and sizes, they finally choose the huge eggs which Leo suggests.

On their way home, the weather gets so hot that the eggs inside the trunk start to hatch. It is only then that we learn that these huge eggs turn out to be dinosaur eggs! When Leo and his father get home, they are surprised to find their groceries have all been eaten by dinosaurs!

With a dozen baby dinosaurs to care for, things soon get messy. Washing the dinosaurs takes up a lot of soap and time, and feeding them requires so much food that none is left for Leo and his family. The trend continues as the baby dinosaurs occupy the bathroom when they need to use the potty and brush their teeth. At night, they don't leave much room for Leo and his baby brother to sleep.

Early the next morning, Leo's mother requests that the baby dinosaurs be taken someplace else. Leo and his father try to take the them to the museum, the zoo, and the school. However, none of these places are fitting for dinosaurs. Finally, they return to the grocery store where they got the eggs in the first place.

After arguing for a bit, the store manager gives up after Leo's father shows him the receipt for the eggs. As it is the store's policy, he has to take the baby dinosaurs back. Fortunately, the store manager has a brilliant idea. He turns the dinosaurs into a team of store workers who help stock the shelves, clean the floors, work the cash registers, and even bag the groceries. Leo and his father are surprised to find that their favorite grocery store has turned into a Dino-Store. They still love to shop there, although the dinosaurs always remind them to avoid getting the huge eggs.

Parents Need to Know

Dino-Store is a story by Roger Sedarat. It was originally written for his two young boys, but his wife thought that it was worth sharing with other families. With her company, Bluemarker, she then adapted the story into a book app.

Even though the storyline seems fairly simple, I believe parents can find many small lessons which juniors can pick up, such as where dinosaurs come from and how they are not pets. Juniors can also identify good behaviors, like washing their hands before eating and brushing their teeth before going to bed, and staying true to their words. Finally, your juniors can read as Leo learns to avoid repeating his mistakes as he reminds his father to avoid picking up the huge eggs when they go grocery shopping again.

Dinosaurs are not pets.Leo soon finds that having a dozen baby dinosaurs in the house can be problematic.

Things I Like

Dino-Store is a lighthearted story for the whole family to enjoy. In the app, you will find 23 beautifully illustrated pages which are enhanced by fun interactions. For example, you can tap to change the color of Leo's car and make the baby dinosaurs roam around the house. I think these little animations and sound effects are really neat, and I believe that you'll like them to.

I also have to mention the app's good use of typography to emphasize the important points in the story. By varying the font sizes and font faces in the dialog, the app makes the story more flavorful and enjoyable to read. Finally, if you prefer to have the story read to you, the app also has a nicely recorded voiceover.

A clever outcome.The diligent baby dinosaurs help out at the grocery store.


Dino-Store is an amusing little storybook app which was lovingly created by a father for his two boys. This beautiful work of art was then turned into an app, so that we can also enjoy it with our juniors. It is a fun and lighthearted read, yet filled with great little lessons which your juniors can learn from. I'd recommend you to give it a try especially if your juniors are into dinosaurs.