Montessori Math Challenge Offers a Mix of Fun Arithmetic Challenges

If you have been following our app reviews over the past eight months, you probably remember that I have reviewed two Montessori Math apps from 3 Elles Interactive: 1st Operations and Add & Subtract: Large Numbers. Even though I have no background or any practical experience with Montessori methods, I really appreciate their learning philosophies and approaches. Both apps have contributed to my four-year-old Philip’s learning journey in understanding the concept of addition and subtraction.

My app pick for today is a brand new app from the same developers. Called Montessori Math Challenge, this app focuses on providing timed quizzes and challenges to let juniors practice their arithmetic skills.

Montessori Math Challenge lets juniors practice arithmetic skills

Four Math Challenges in Two Playing Modes

Montessori Math Challenges offers four math challenges grouped into two screens: Whiz Quiz and Bubble Game. The Whiz Quiz itself contains three fun math challenges: Multiple Choice, Missing Digits, and Free Response. Players can play these challenges in two modes: timed or without a time limit.

The app is designed to support four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When you download this free app, it will come with the first operation unlocked. You need to unlock the other operations via in-app purchases.

Using addition as examples, the Multiple Choice game will show a stacked addition involving two or more operands, ranging from 2-digit operands to 4-digit operands. Players are asked to choose the correct answer from among the four options. Once the player submits her answer, the app will show whether the answer is correct or not, and immediately show the next problem. If the player chooses the timed playing mode then the game will last for 60 seconds, otherwise the game will only end when the player leaves the game.

Missing Digits offers an alternative gameplay where players are asked to identify the missing digits from the stacked addition. Players are asked to identify the digit that should fit in the blinking cursor. Free Response is another variant of the game where players are asked to write the answer in full, starting from the least significant digit to the most significant digit.

All the games in Whiz Quiz have a blank paper that players can use to doodle and count as they’re trying to solve the problem. Simply pull the small icon on the left side of the screen to show the paper.

While the games in Whiz Quiz are taken from Montessori Math Add & Subtract: Large Numbers app, the Bubble Game is taken from Montessori Math 1st Operations. The game shows an addition equation with a missing operand. Similar to Multiple Choice, players are asked to identify which bubble holds the correct answer, from among five or more numbered bubbles. But, instead of tapping to choose the answer, players need to drag the correct bubble to complete the equation.

The app comes with two play modes: timed and without time limit

Parents Need to Know

Montessori Math Challenge is a free game that comes with the addition operation built-in. You can unlock the other operations via in-app purchases. Despite having only a single operation, all the games and playing modes in this app are accessible from the start.

The challenges included in this app are suitable for juniors ages 5+. If you have a younger junior, or if you want your juniors to learn the concepts required to solve the challenges, I’d suggest you start with Montessori Math 1st Operations, and continue with Montessori Math Add & Subtract: Large Numbers once your juniors fully understand the concept.

You can mix and match the types of equation to include in the quiz

Things I Like

Regardless whether you’re familiar with the Montessori approaches to learning math, Montessori Math Challenges is a great app for juniors to practice their arithmetic skills. Even the addition operation itself has a wide difficulty range that would suit juniors ages 5-8. The app allows you to fine tune the difficulty levels for each of the arithmetic operations such that it would fit with your junior’s learning curve.

I also like the fact that the app supports multiple user profiles, which makes this a wonderful tool for teachers of Grade 1-3 who may only have access to a single iPad. Teachers can now use this free version to test their students and possibly evaluate whether they should mix in one approach or two from the Montessori Math apps.

Use the in-app drawing board to do quick calculations


Montessori Math Challenge is a great math app for juniors ages 5+ to practice their arithmetic skills. Its challenge-only nature makes it a perfect app to play while you’re on a family trip. Even without unlocking the in-app purchases, you can get a feel of what the Montessori methods can aid to your junior’s learning journey. And if you like what you see, I’d highly recommend you try the full versions of 1st Operations and Add & Subtract: Large Numbers.

Montessori Math Challenge is available for iPhone/iPad
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