Living with an allergy can sometimes be a downer. But for one little pig, his constant sneezing turns out to be a blessing in disguise when he discovered that the monsters invading his village actually like eating his snot! Eww?

Don't worry, though. Even if the plot sounds a bit gross, Gesundheit! is really far from that. In fact, it's a charming puzzler that will get you coming back for more snotty goodness.

A Stifling Tale.In Gesundheit!, you help a sickly green pig save his village by luring monsters into traps using your snot.

Ready, Aim, Snot!

Gesundheit! is a whimsical puzzler created by Matt Hammill in collaboration with Revolutionary Concepts. Starring a sickly green pig who tries to save his village from snot-eating monsters, this game will win you over with its charming visuals and head-scratching gameplay.

Each level in Gesundheit! is laid out in one screen, with buildings and bushes that form a sort of maze and monsters scattered in between. Using blobs of snot, you try to lure all the monsters into traps without being seen, otherwise you will be chased and eaten. This requires strategy and stealth on your side - often, you will find yourself hiding behind bushes or building and bouncing snot off walls to distract a monster.

As the game progresses, more elements like gates and teleport portals are thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes. There are also new environmental features that give you power-ups, such as flower beds that allow you to produce super elastic blobs of snot and grass patches that make you sneeze elastic strands of goo.

The monsters also grow in variety and numbers as you go further. In addition to red monsters, you will find blue monsters that are stronger and faster. There are also mosquito-like monsters that can fly over buildings and water and blind bunny-like monsters that are extra-sensitive to movements. These unique opponents can really force you to rethink your strategies for solving each level.

As if that is not challenging enough, there are three star fruits that you need to collect before trapping the last monster. These fruits are quite fragile and will be crushed if a monster trample over them or if you accidentally send a blob of snot their way. But despite these challenges, it is always worth trying your best to collect these fruits as they are needed to unlock more levels and achievements.

Snot-bending.Your snot is your weapon. Use them to lure monsters into traps or getting from one side of the maze to another.

The Gameplay

In Gesundheit!, controlling the game is simple. To move the pig, you simply tap on the screen where you want him to go. To launch a snot ball, tap and pull back like a slingshot. The game shows a dotted line to tell you where the blob would go, so you won't be shooting blind. It is also possible to zoom in and zoom out, which helps a lot if you need extra precision when shooting.

There is a twist, however. Holding a shot for too long will cause the pig to run out of air and turn black. If you don't release the snot at once, it will explode in his face. I think this is an amusing detail that adds to the quirkiness of the game.

Adding to the wonderful gaming experience is the lovely artwork that makes me feel as if I'm playing in a children's storybook. The recorder music is also really cute and memorable - my boyfriend has admitted hearing the ominous "game over" music in his sleep after playing the game for a while. (If you're interested, the Gesundheit! Soundtrack EP, composed by Matt Hammill himself, is also available for sale.)

A Pretty Sight.In Gesundheit!, each level is both challenging and visually appealing.

Things I Like

Gesundheit! is one of those gems in the App Store that everyone should get their hands on. It's an incredibly polished game with simple controls, mindbending puzzles, appealing graphics and cute music.

The game deceives you in a good way - it seems easy at first but really forces you to rack your brain to solve it. Some levels can be really frustrating, so I think even the most hardcore of puzzler fans will find some challenge playing this game.

Also, the storyline is incredibly quirky and humorous. Sure, a runny-nosed pig trying to beat monsters by feeding them his snot may seem really gross at first, but that is part of the game's charm.

Run, Piggy, Run.Monsters await in every corner, forcing you to plan ahead and be light on your feet.


Two words, get it. If you love stealthy puzzlers, you will love Gesundheit! It's a really charming game with a solid gameplay and amazing audio visual. Personally, I think this one deserves to be played on Retina screens, so get the HD version if you can.

Gesundheit! - Konami Digital Entertainment