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Geeks With Juniors is a weblog about (geek) parenting and technology. Our posts are mostly iPad/iPhone app reviews showcasing the best apps on the App Store.


Kids Play Zookeeper for Monsters in Monsterpark Zoo

The inhabitants of Monsterpark Zoo need your help!

Not all monsters are terrible. Some are actually rather cute, friendly, and can even help kids learn various skills.

The monsters I want to introduce today are all of those things. They belong to Monsterpark Zoo, a playful app where kids get to play zookeeper and take care of troubled monsters.

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Wizard Times Tables Offers Fun Games to Practice Multiplication Skills

Wizard Times Tables offers a 60-second test for each of the multipliers.

Designing a fresh and unique approach for a classic problem can be a real challenge. This is especially true when it comes to designing a math app to drill one particular skill, such as multiplication. Many teachers and parents would come up with tests for basic multiplication facts and/or a times table.

My app pick for today is designed to offer additional approaches for our kids to practice their multiplication skills. Called Wizard Times Tables, the app includes a couple of new approaches in addition to the standards mentioned above.

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Kids Face Their Fears in Foggy’s Big Fright

Jean-Cloud and Foggy prepare for Windy’s Halloween party

Halloween is an exciting event most of the time, but let’s not forget that some people (and animals) may find it scary. The app Foggy’s Big Fright helps kids learn to acknowledge fear and anxiety, as well as show empathy to those who feel them.

It’s the second appisode from Windy and Friends, a series based on the books by Judith Steedman and Robin Mitchell Cranfield. The apps combine traditional crafting and stop-motion animation to create a playful interactive world.

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The Journey of Alvin: A Great Remake of 1999 Classic Film for Much-Younger Audience

Having without a driver license, Alvin Straight was determined to visit his brother -- even though he had to use a lawn mower.

The Straight Story is a biographical drama film directed by David Lynch in 1999. The film tells the story of Alvin Straight, an elderly WWII veteran who decided to visit his estranged brother Lyle after hearing that he suffered a stroke.

Alvin’s legs and eyes were too impaired for him to receive a driving license, so he rode a 30-year-old lawn tractor with a maximum speed of 5 miles/hour to travel for hundreds of miles. Believing the story can entertain and stimulate children’s imagination, the developers at meikme designed an interactive storybook based on Alvin’s journey.

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Teach Kids to Care and Nurture in My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kids learn to care and nurture their very own caterpillar, starting by feeding it apples from a nearby tree.

If you have a pet at home, be it a dog or even some fish in an aquarium, your kids will probably know what it’s like to care and nurture animals. But for people who don’t or can’t have pets for some reason, they often find the appeal of having a digital pet — something similar to Tamagotchi, which I enjoyed playing back in 1996.

This week, one of our favorite developers, StoryToys, released an interactive 3D app that lets your kids care and nurture their very own caterpillar. Taken from Eric Carle’s much-loved character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar™, your kids will feed and play with their caterpillar until it turns into a beautiful butterfly.

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