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Dr. Panda’s Swimming Pool Makes a Splash on the iPad

Kids take care of the baby animals as they play and swim in Dr. Panda's Swimming Pool

The beauty of apps is that they allow us to escape time and geographic boundaries. For example, although it is freezing right now where some of us are, our kids can still a splashing good time with Dr. Panda’s Swimming Pool.

The latest app in the beloved Dr. Panda series, it is also the spiritual successor to Dr. Panda’s Daycare. The gameplay is similar in that kids get to play freely with their favorite characters, but themed around swimming and in full 3D.

Just Keep Swimming

The app begins in the locker room. One by one, parents will arrive to drop off their children. You help these baby animals get ready by choosing a swimsuit complete with a headgear. Optionally, you can get them in the shower or make them go potty. A dressing table in the corner lets you dry their hair (or fur) after a shower.

To get to the pool, tap on the map on the righthand side. There are three kinds of pool: an outdoor pool complete with a pirate ship, an indoor pool with a trampoline and a water slide, and an elephant-shaped inflatable pool.

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Odd Squad: Blob Chase Offers Fun Problem Solving Involving Addition and Subtraction

Odd Squad: Blob Chase offers fun problem solving involving addition and subtraction.Plan your moves ahead. Be careful because the purple blobs can fall off the platform.

I am a math geek, and I adore beautiful math games, such as Twelve a Dozen. Both my sons also share my interest, so we were all excited when we found a great new math game called Odd Squad: Blob Chase.

60 Levels of Problem Solving Involving Addition and Subtraction

This game is adapted from a brand new PBS Kids series called Odd Squad. Using gadgets like addition operator and subtraction operator, you are expected to gather all the blobs trying to escape from the Odd Squad headquarter.

The blobs will run around whenever there is an open passage. Different blobs move differently; for example, the blue blobs are afraid of falling off platforms so to move them you need elevating tubes. On the other hand, the purple and pink ones are not afraid of falling off, so you need to plan their passageways carefully.

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Kapu Bloom Tunes Lets Kids Paint and Grow Musical Flowers

Kids grow musical flowers in Kapu Bloom Tunes

Creating music and painting are two favorite pastimes for many kids. Now, the two have combined together in a lovely app: Kapu Bloom Tunes.

Developed by Kapu Toys, it is a digital toy made for ages 0-3. Kids will dig deep into the ground to paint magical seeds with their fingers. Once the flower have bloomed, they can spin the petals to listen to various melodies.

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Raising Trilingual Children? Pacca Alpaca Can Help You with Numbers, Colors, and Shapes in Five Languages

Pacca Alpaca helps you raise trilingual children by offering nine mini games in five different languages.Pacca Alpaca helps you raise trilingual children by offering nine mini games in five different languages.

Are you raising trilingual children? In Indonesia, it is common for families to raise trilingual children. For example, my kids are learning Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. They also learned to count in Spanish and Japanese earlier this month, thanks to Up to 100 app. They get really excited at the thought of being able to count in new languages.

Recently, they have been practicing a few more Spanish words — thanks to Pacca Alpaca - Australia. It’s the first app in a new series that aim to help kids learn about numbers, colors, and shapes by exploring parts of the world. In addition to exploring Australia, kids also learn several new words in five different languages, including French, Mandarin, and Arabic.

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Anifacts Africa Introduces Kids to African Animals

Anifacts Africa lets kids play with and learn about ten African animals

The animal kingdom is always a compelling topic for kids, so it is no surprise to see many apps tackling it. A recent title we tested, Anifacts Africa, is included among them. Designed by a dad/son team, it is an entertaining app that allows kids to play with and learn about ten African animals. For example, lion, spotted hyena, fennec fox, and meerkat.

Down in Africa

The app has three sections: Play, Learn, and Quiz. In Play, kids choose one of ten animals and uncover a colorful background using their finger as an eraser. Once the background has been revealed, they can watch as the animal get animated in a silly way.

In the Learn section, kids can listen to four facts about each animal, including where they live and what they eat. For example, they can learn that meerkats live in the savannah and dry region, eat worms, dig complex burrows, and warn themselves in case of danger. They also get a glimpse of the African map.

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