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Kids Learn to Grow Food in Yipy Garden Farm

Kids learn to cultivate and harvest fruits and veggies in Yipy Garden Farm

Coming from a country where agriculture plays an important role in the economy, we are firm believers that kids should know where their food comes from. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help us. Some of our favorites are Happy Little Farmer and Gro Garden.

Today, I'm adding a new app to that collection. Called Yipy Garden Farm, it's a collection of mini games that revolve around — you guessed it — farming. Through the games, kids learn how various fruits and vegetables are cultivated and harvested.

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Draw Characters and Make Them Dance in Labo Dancing Kids

Create your own characters and make them move to beat.

A few months ago, I reviewed a fun app called Labo Car Designer. The app lets kids create their own dream toy cars and drive them through various terrains and weather modes.

Today, I want to highlight another app from the same developer, called Labo Dancing Kids. Instead of creating toy cars, this app lets kids draw cute characters and make them dance to the beat.

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Brain-Jogging for Kids Lets You Play Eight Mini Games on the Isle of Brain

In the Juice Bar game, kids play as a bartender and prepare a set of drink orders.

Over the years, we’ve reviewed a lot of educational apps that includes mini games to help kids learn while they play. Today, I would like to add another app to this collection: Brain-Jogging for Kids. As the name suggests, it aims to keep the brain engaged through eight mini games.

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Teens Learn About Real Friends vs. the Other Kind in Middle School Confidential

Real Friends vs. the Other Kind helps teens explore various stumbling blocks in friendship

Middle school can be a stressful period for many kids as they experience changes both physically and emotionally. Friendship is a particularly tricky subject during this time. Power struggles start to happen and cliques start to form, and some kids just feel out of place.

Aiming to help kids navigate these tough social situations is Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind, an interactive graphic novel written by Annie Fox and illustrated by Matt Kindt. It follows friends Jack, Jen, Chris, Abby, Mateo, and Michelle as they deal with issues such as teasing, peer pressure, self-confidence, conflicts in a group, and dating.

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Get Ready for Preschool with Cricket Kids: School Days

Cricket Kids: School Days includes 12 activities commonly found in preschools and kindergartens, such as object counting.

If you’re wondering what your kids will experience in their first day at preschool, you should give Cricket Kids: School Days a try. Developed by the same team who made Cricket Kids: Opposites and Peepo and the Unfinished Story, School Days includes 12 activities commonly performed in preschools and kindergartens.

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