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Geeks With Juniors is a weblog about (geek) parenting and technology. Our posts are mostly iPad/iPhone app reviews showcasing the best apps on the App Store.


Thinkrolls 2 Returns with 180 New Levels for Puzzle Platformer Fans

The new Thinkrolls 2 brings 180 new levels for puzzle platformer fans.The new Thinkrolls 2 brings 235 new levels for puzzle platformer fans.

Six months ago, I reviewed a great puzzle platformer for kids called Thinkrolls. It features 18 cute characters that can transform themselves into a ball. Players then navigate these balls through 90 levels of mazes, all the while learning to remove obstacles, create new paths, and time their movement in order to get to the next level.

Last Thursday, Avokiddo released a sequel to this game. Thinkrolls 2 offers seven new items, 235 new levels, and 28 characters that would keep your kids challenged through this Spring break.

New Items for Similar Concepts

Similar to original Thinkrolls, the sequel requires you to move your character from top to bottom through the maze by respecting the concept of gravity. The sequel also keeps other concepts such as removable obstacles, unsafe paths, new path creation, and moving the character upwards through other means. But, it throws in new items to keep the gameplay fresh.

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Teach Kids to Read with The Reading Train Apps

The Reading Train offers hundreds of books to help kids learn to readThe Reading Train offers hundreds of books to help kids learn to read

Kids who are learning to read need a lot of practice. But, there aren’t many books that are designed for early readers to read by themselves. The Reading Train app is designed to remedy the issue. Designed by award-winning teacher Libby Curran, The Reading Train is a digital library that contains a vast selection of mini books to help kids reach reading independence. The aim is to get them to read more and become better readers in the process.

The Reading Train

The first time you open The Reading Train app, you will a see train station. From this screen, you can choose a book from three reading levels (Level 1, 2, or 3), go to the Music Store to listen to songs, or visit the Train Yard to browse the dictionary.

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Duckie Deck Giggle Glass, or How to Get Your Child to Play Outside 

Giggle Glass encourages kids to explore and playGiggle Glass encourages kids to explore and play

It seems that many kids are all about screens these days, be it iPad or TV. We’re not saying this is bad — after all, we’ve seen many, many useful and educational iPad apps for kids — but it would be nice if they periodically get up and play outside. Ironically enough, we think this recent app from Duckie Deck is a fantastic solution for our problem.

The app is called Duckie Deck Giggle Glass, and it’s a clever way to get kids exploring more than just the corners of their living room. Using the device’s camera (and a bunch of silly filters), it alter the things you see in interesting ways.

Through the Giggle Glass

The main screen of the app is made to look like a magnifying glass with interchangeable lens filters. These filters distort your view in various ways, much like a funhouse mirror. For example, one filter pixelates things while another shows images in reversed black and white.

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Find Short Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in The Bedsby Tales

Read the first short scary story in The Bedsby Tales titled Thoughts of Unknown.Read the first short scary story in The Bedsby Tales titled Thoughts of Unknown.

I don’t know exactly when kids start to get scared of the dark, but I believe it has something to do with the things they read or experienced. As their long-term memory piles up and their thoughts become increasingly complex, negative experiences can have a long-lasting impact. Kids may then develop fear of monsters under the bed or get anxious when a door opens by itself.

Regardless of the cause, kids may get scared when they can’t explain the things that happen in the dark. I believe it’s part of our duty as parents to help them overcome their nighttime fear. Using a storybook app such as The Bedsby Tales, we can read a scary story with our kids to make them develop a positive imagination instead of a frightening one.

Episode 1: Thoughts of Unknown

The Bedsby Tales is designed as a collection of short scary stories to tell in the dark. The storyteller in the app tries to create a somber mood by hiding his face. Using terms and environments that are familiar to kids, the story tries to scare kids in their own home.

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Baking with Kids is Fun in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off

Kids learn to bake various treats in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake OffKids learn to bake various treats in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off

Baking with kids can be a fun and rewarding activity. Through baking, kids can discover new foods and learn about nutrition. It’s also a great way to learn how to follow instructions.

If you are thinking to introduce your child to baking, we recommend Max and Ruby Bunny Bake Off, a new app from Cupcake Digital, which lets kids make and decorate all kinds of foods with beloved bunny characters Ruby and Max. It’s a simple, rule-free app suitable for preschoolers.

Bunny Bake Off

Max, Ruby, and Grandma Bunny are in the kitchen, ready to make their favorite foods. A thought bubble can be seen above each of their heads, which indicates a particular food you can make. Simply tap on the one you want to start baking.

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