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Join Cat in the Hat on Four Different Adventures in the Wild!

All the books in this collection include plenty of fun facts like this.

Cat in the Hat is a well-known children’s book series written by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss. The Cat and his companions, Thing One and Thing Two, often show Sally and Dick many great things that amaze them.

In my app pick for today, the Cat takes the siblings to explore our world through four different adventures. It’s a collection of four storybooks: three of them have been released as independent apps previously, and one is making its first appearance on the iPad through this collection. The collection is called In the Wild! Learning Library Collection (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat).

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Tiny Alien Maker Gets Kids Creating Space Creatures

Kids drag and drop alien body parts to create their own extraterrestrial creature

We love apps that can extend a child’s playtime offline. Some of our favorites over the years are Foldify and Gomma Dress Up. Today we have a new addition to the list: Tiny Alien Maker. Developed by Tiny Twiga Studios, it’s a lovely app that lets kids piece together extraterrestrial creatures to use in coloring pages and birthday cards.

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Help Teens to Accept Themselves with Who? What? Pablo! Storybook

Pablo is a 23-year-old young man who is still searching for his identity.

Many teenagers tend to have a problem accepting themselves for who they are. We have reviewed a couple of storybooks that bring this issue forward: Monkeys in My Head and Extraordinary Jenny Jones. Both of them try to encourage teens to accept and love themselves.

My app pick for today is a relatively new storybook in this category, called Who? What? Pablo! It revolves around Pablo, a little man with a heart full of adventure and a closet full of costumes and disguises, who constantly asks himself who he wants to become every day.

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Curious George's Latest Storybook Helps Kids Understand the Concept of a Surprise Birthday Party

iRead With storybooks include prompts to help parents start a discussion with their kids.

My boys are fans of the iRead With Curios George storybooks. In the past three months, I have reviewed Curious George and the Firefighters and Curious George Goes Camping storybooks. iRead With apps have a prompting system to trigger conversations, encouraging parents to accompany their kids when they read.

The newest storybook in this series is Curious George and the Birthday Surprise. As you might have guessed, it follows George and the man with the yellow hat as they plan a birthday surprise.

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Explore Life, Love, and Rock n' Roll Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure

Players help a mayfly find its destiny through rock n’ roll in the musical adventure game Ephemerid

Finding your destiny may seem like a stretch if you only have one day to live, but it’s not entirely impossible. The musical adventure game Ephemerid shows that magic do happen so long as you have love, friends, and rock n’ roll.

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