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Explore Properties of Geometric Shapes Through Euclidian Proofs in DragonBox Elements

To solve a puzzle in DragonBox Elements, players need to construct a Euclidian proof using many geometrical theorems in combination.

Last year, I reviewed an amazing app called DragonBox Algebra 5+. It uses a fun gaming approach to secretly teach algebra. I was impressed by how the app is able to cover so many algebra topics in just a few hours.

Recently, the developer released an app called DragonBox Elements, which secretly teaches geometry to kids ages eight and up through gaming. In addition to teaching them about the basic of geometry, it lets them construct Euclidian geometrical proofs by solving more than 110 puzzles.

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Dive into a Playful World in Bop Underwater

Kids join a curious mole to explore a handcrafted underwater world in Bop Underwater

Lately, I’ve noticed that more apps are bringing bits and bobs from the real world into digital play. I’m talking about apps like Identikat, Loopy Lost His Lettuce, and more recently, Ephemerid, which use paper and fabric to create distinctive worlds.

Another app that has joined the trend is Bop Underwater by developer House of Big Things. Crafted from cut and scanned fabric, it presents an underwater world that will enchant kids with its tiny surprises.

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Duckie Deck Gotta Go: A Fun Potty Training for Toddlers

Feed the monsters with tasty snacks before they really gotta go.

Over the past couple of months, Duckie Deck has released two fun hygiene apps for toddlers: With Teeth and Hungry Clipper. The first app helps toddlers learn the importance of dental care, whereas the latter one promotes a healthy habit of keeping their fingernails clean and tidy.

Today, the developers has just released the third app in their hygiene apps series: Duckie Deck Gotta Go. As hinted in the app’s name, it aims to help toddlers with potty training.

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Join Cat in the Hat on Four Different Adventures in the Wild!

All the books in this collection include plenty of fun facts like this.

Cat in the Hat is a well-known children’s book series written by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss. The Cat and his companions, Thing One and Thing Two, often show Sally and Dick many great things that amaze them.

In my app pick for today, the Cat takes the siblings to explore our world through four different adventures. It’s a collection of four storybooks: three of them have been released as independent apps previously, and one is making its first appearance on the iPad through this collection. The collection is called In the Wild! Learning Library Collection (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat).

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Tiny Alien Maker Gets Kids Creating Space Creatures

Kids drag and drop alien body parts to create their own extraterrestrial creature

We love apps that can extend a child’s playtime offline. Some of our favorites over the years are Foldify and Gomma Dress Up. Today we have a new addition to the list: Tiny Alien Maker. Developed by Tiny Twiga Studios, it’s a lovely app that lets kids piece together extraterrestrial creatures to use in coloring pages and birthday cards.

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