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Night Zookeeper Launches New Creative Website for Kids

Kids respond to creative prompts that push their creative boundaries

We’re big fans of Night Zookeeper, a series of apps designed to inspire kids to read, draw, and create stories about animals. We first wrote about them last year, when their Teleporting Torch app came out. A few months afterwards, we also reviewed their spin-off app Story Pairs.

Recently, the developer contacted us about their website relaunch. More than just a facelift, the new website introduces a virtual community where parents can sign up their kids to receive drawing missions.

It’s an ambitious project that aims to get kids to become content creators instead of consumers. We spent some time exploring the site, completing missions and experiencing the program first-hand, and we can tell you it’s been great thus far.

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Montessori Math City Offers A Solid Way for Kids to Learn Numbers up to 1,000

Use different sets of number blocks to construct numbers from 1 to 1000.

Counting is one of the basic skills in early math. There are plenty of ways you could teach your kids to count from 1 to 10. But, it may be a bit challenging to teach them how to count up to 100, or even 1000.

Fortunately, Les Elles Trois added Montessori Math City to its great collection of Montessori math apps to help kids learn about the decimal system. Using typical Montessori approaches, such as golden beads and Seguin board, kids can learn the different place values from units and tens, to hundreds and thousands.

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Learn about Physics and Gravity to Navigate through 180 Mazes in Thinkrolls

Use automated Elevators to move Crates, Rocks and your playing character in Thinkroll mazes.

The world around us is a great resource for our kids to learn. Kids nowadays see concepts such as gravity, floating balloon, and hot vs. cold everyday. But, they may not fully understand them when they don’t have a good way to experiment with them.

Thinkrolls is a brand new puzzle game from Avokiddo designed for kids ages 3-8 to play and experiment with these concepts. Throughout its 180 levels, kids can learn to create force with momentum, guess which direction bouncing will lead you to, and observe how automated elevators move to take advantage of them.

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Windy’s Lost Kite Lets Kids Explore an Interactive Handcrafted World

Windy goes around to find her missing red kite

“Appisode” is a word that describes interactive, animated cartoon episodes presented in an app format. We’ve seen a handful of appisodes since we started this blog, and that number is steadily growing. The first that started it all was Leo’s Pad, which reimagines historic figures as children. A more recent one is ShipAntics by pop-up book maker StoryToys, which follows the zany adventures of a seafaring crew.

Today, we’re adding a new series to the list: Windy and Friends. Based on the book series by Judith Steedman and Robin Mitchell Cranfield, it combines traditional crafting and stop-motion animation to create an interactive world.

It’s aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, with every episode featuring everyday adventures and simple problem solving. The first app is called Windy’s Lost Kite, which introduces readers to Windy’s whimsical world.

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Arthur's Big App Offers Fun Mini Games with Tens of Hours of Gameplay

Mix the correct ingredients to serve the customer’s favorite smoothie.

After a long day at school, most kids earn their fair share of having fun. This can be in the form of outdoor play or a short session with their favorite iPad apps. And, the best kinds of games to blow some steam off are the short mini games that you can play for a few minutes, then replay on the next day.

Unfortunately, most mini games for kids are not designed to be replayed over and over again, especially not over the span of days and even weeks. That’s why I think my app pick for today is quite unique. Called Arthur’s Big App, this new PBS Kids app aims to fill in this gap with four fun mini games that you can play for many hours.

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