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Geeks With Juniors is a weblog about (geek) parenting and technology. Our posts are mostly iPad/iPhone app reviews showcasing the best apps on the App Store.


Learn to Code the Fun Way in The Foos: Code for an Hour

Kids learn problem-solving skills and creativity in The Foos

Recently, there has been an ongoing campaign to teach children how to code. In fact, England recently started including computer programming the national curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

As software developers ourselves, we can’t be happier about this trend. Learning to code is critical in today’s world, where everything is moved forward by computers. It’s useful no matter what your kids want to do in the future as it equips them with creativity and problem-solving skills.

If your family is not aboard the coding train yet, there are many resources out there to help you get started. A couple of years back we reviewed Move the Turtle, an excellent app for grade school-aged kids to learn to code using the Logo programming language. A more recent app is The Foos: Code for an Hour by developer codeSpark.

It was created to support Hour of Code, a global initiative by CSEdWeek and Code.org to introduce computer programming to 100 million students worldwide. Fully visual, the app makes it simple for anyone to learn programming logic.

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Let’s Cook Some New Recipes in the New Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 offers a new kitchen and new characters to play with.

We haven’t started the site back when the first Toca Kitchen was released in December 2011, but we were big fans of the app. I thought it was one of the best apps for kids at that time. It also helped elevate Toca Boca as one of the best developers for kids apps.

After three years, Toca Boca is finally releasing a sequel for Toca Kitchen. Unsurprisingly, we immediately hit the purchase button and gave the new kitchen a try.

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Meet Science: Light and Sound is a Science Museum on Your iPad

Learn about the fundamental concepts of light and sound in the new Meet Science app

Earlier this year, we reviewed a fantastic app called Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity. Comprehensive and interactive, it had animated lessons, quizzes, experiment videos, and even mini games. It was was like having an encyclopedia on your iPad.

The good news? The app is only the first of a series of apps to help kids discover the amazing world of science. A second app has now been released, and it’s called Meet Science: Light and Sound.

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Pepi Ride Offers A Fun Toy Car Riding Experience

Take your car for a ride in nine fantasy locations and collect the presents on your way.

Even though there are plenty of things that kids can do with their toy cars, many would always try to put them into a race. This happens to my sons most of the time, even when they’re playing by themselves. The idea of trying to speed ahead in a closed environment really appeals to them. Hence, when a toy car riding app such as Pepi Ride becomes available, they’re instantly hooked on the gameplay.

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Animated Comic Book Niko and the Sword of Light Takes Kids on an Epic Quest

Niko and the Sword of Light delivers an adventurous tale via an animated comic book

Comic books have made their leap into the digital world for quite some time. Last year we wrote about the UK-based comic anthology, The Phoenix, which was made available as a Newsstand app. There’s also the Middle School Confidential, a wonderful series about navigating the rough waters that is teenage years.

All these titles are wonderful, but I have one more to recommend: Niko and the Sword of Light, an adventurous tale about a young warrior. It’s special in that it is fully animated — a feat I’ve never seen in other digital comic books. Conceived by the character designers for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, it also has rich graphics and wonderful sound designs.

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