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Geeks With Juniors is a weblog about (geek) parenting and technology. Our posts are mostly iPad/iPhone app reviews showcasing the best apps on the App Store.


1000 Adventures Wants Kids to Reimagine Life as Fantastic Adventures

When you’re a kid, every day is an adventure: the floor is a lava, the noises in your closet are monsters, the elderly lady at the end of the street is secretly a witch. You can even have a thousand adventures every day, just like in DADA Company’s latest interactive storybook, 1000 Adventures.

1000 Adventures encourages kids to imagine

A Mind Full of Magic

1000 Adventures is an original story that celebrates imagination and exploration. It revolves around a young boy who, at the start of the app, wakes up and declares that he is going to have 1,000 adventures that day.

Indeed, on each page that follows suit, we see how the boy’s remarkable imagination enables him to transform his ordinary routines into fantastic adventures. His visit to his parents’ bedroom becomes a trip to a wild jungle, playtime at the park becomes a fight against a dragon, and chores become an escape to the banks of the Nile River to feed a hungry crocodile.

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Meerkat Puzzles Gets Kids Cracking Codes and Solving Sudoku

My four-year-old and I love to play puzzles. We especially enjoy math and contraption puzzles, but I’m very interested in trying all kinds of puzzles.

If your kids also love to play puzzles, I’m sure they’re going to appreciate Meerkat Puzzles, a fun app that offers various puzzles. These include ciphers, Sudoku, and other puzzle variants that you don’t see every day in kids’ apps.

Meerkat Puzzles introduces kids to cryptic puzzles.

Help the Meerkats Solve the Puzzles

Throughout Meerkat Puzzles, you will be playing with a family of Meerkats who goes on crazy adventures: sky diving, navigating the Sahara, and visiting haunted houses. Along the way, they will encounter all kinds of puzzles, and they require your help to solve them.

The app contains 15 puzzles that are categorized into three themes: Meerkat Days Out, Let’s Get Busy, and Meerkats Exploring. Some puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles and spot-the differences, you’ll no doubt find familiar. The rest, however, are less commonly found in kids’ apps.

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Relaxing Game Shu’s Garden Lets Kids Create Gardens on Alien Planets

While I do not doubt that missions and achievements, when done right, make a game exciting, I also feel that some games can still be rewarding without them. A case in point is Shu’s Garden, an app by Canadian developers Colin Sanders and Jason RT Bond. Aimed at little ones, it’s a charming game that focuses on pure creation and exploration.

In Shu’s Garden, kids bring life onto a barren planet

The Rolling Alien Gathers All the Seeds

As its title suggests, Shu’s Garden is actually a game about gardening. Its heroine, Shu, is a bouncy alien who “nourishes the soil wherever she rolls”. The premise is that kids roll Shu across her barren planet, making grass sprout in her trail. They can also make her collect seeds and plant them to grow new plants.

The controls are simple enough: just tilt the device to get Shu rolling. Tap the screen to make her shrink, and release to send her flying into the air. The ability to jump is particularly useful when Shu has to collect seeds at high places, for example, on trees or on top of tall monuments that dot the planet’s surface.

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Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef Will Inspire Kids to Get Creative with Their Sandwich

Sandwich is a popular food item consisting one or more types of food placed on or between slices of bread. It's also easy to make, thus there is an endless number of sandwich variants in the world.

Both my sons love to try different kinds of sandwiches, so they were really excited that they could create their own sandwiches in Duckie Deck's latest app: Sandwich Chef.

Chop ingredients into fun shapes and use them to decorate your sandwich.

10 Funny Faces and Playful Shapes

To start playing, select one of the sandwich designs provided in the app. Each design has its own set of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. After showing all the ingredients briefly, the app moves them to the side of the screen.

The first thing to do when preparing your sandwich is applying butter on the bread. Then, you take one ingredient at a time, chop it down to one or more pieces, and lay them out to decorate the sandwich. These ingredients form unique shapes, such as a smiley face, car, or snowman with headphones. Then, you can eat the sandwich and prepare a new one.

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Is Apatosaurus Okay? Takes Kids Back to the Jurassic Age

I’m pretty sure most, if not all, kids go through a “dinosaur phase” at some point. Maybe it’s because dinosaurs aren’t like any other animal on Earth today, but whatever the reason, many kids (and adults) sure find dinosaurs fascinating.

If your kids are excited over all things dinosaurs, then today’s app pick might interest you: Is Apatosaurus Okay?, a jurassic-themed interactive book from developers Oceanhouse Media.

Is Apatosaurus Okay? is an interactive storybook that takes kids back to the jurassic age

Going Back in Time

Is Apatosaurus Okay? is a book written by Ben Nussbaum, about a lone Apatosaurus on a journey towards her nest. Her irregularly slow movements catch the attention of a pack of Ceratosaurus, and soon they pounce on her. Can she defend herself against her attackers and reach her nest safely?

Aimed at kids ages 3–8, Is Apatosaurus Okay? is an educational story filled with fascinating facts about the jurassic era. The title has been carefully reviewed by paleontologists at the Smithsonian Institution and officially licensed.

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